Wind Fish (WW)
Some fanart of a Wind Fish, from Link’s Awakening (Because, why not?)

Hello! It seems that you’ve clicked on the Fandoms tab, and ignored the dropdown. That’s not necessarily bad! It means you’re about to learn some more about your friendly neighborhood blog!

You see, every time you roll over one of the tabs, you get a list of subcategories that are placed inside the tab option for convenience. These options (labeled on the dropdown menu) are categories on my blog, and if you select one of the options, you will be transported to a new posts thread, which is refined to only contain my posts that are filed under that category.

For example: if you roll over the Fandoms tab, then select Star Trek, you will be looking at only my posts written about Star Trek.

Comment! What do you think about the system?

Don’t Panic,



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