About The Fortress

Come On...
Trust me. I’m a critic.

Hello, and welcome to The Fortress of Helixity. This is one of my many blogs, but the only one that I use on reasonable basis, and the only one that I consider “active”. I use the Fortress to talk about or review books that I’ve read, movies that I’ve seen, or TV that I watch. I don’t have a regular posting schedule, but I do hate to see my little blog not up to date, so I normally post around once a week.

Though I do seem to get a reasonable amount of traffic for a small, unfunded, personal blog, I don’t get much recognition from my readers. It would be completely welcome if you liked, followed, commented, or really anything.

It would make me a happy blogger if you took a moment out of your day to read the content the I work hard to produce for you guys. Thanks, and enjoy reading!


Don’t Panic,



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