The Best Movies of 2015 (According to Me)

Here it comes again! 2015 is over, so I finally get to talk about the best movies of the year! There are some pretty good ones here, and this whole list is packed with all the masterpieces of 2015. There are a lot, to stick with me. Now, keep in mind that I can only out on the movies that I saw, so if you’re wondering why movies like Spectre aren’t here, it’s because I never had the time to see them. And by the way, the list is by dates, not rating.

Kingsman (Poster)
The poster for Kingsman.

Kingsman: The Secret Service (February 13th)

I’m not sure what exactly to say about this movie, other than it was a great package. It was action packed, funny, and interesting and new all at the same time. I went into the theater not knowing what exactly to expect, and came out very pleased.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (May 1st)

Sure, it was kind of shaky at times, and it was not the strongest Marvel movie around even when it came out (that prize is still held by Captain America: The Winter Soldier), but it made an interesting continuation to The Avengers, and the continuity of the MCU. Was it the best Marvel movie ever? No, certainly not. But did I enjoy it? Definitely.

Mad Max: Fury Road (May 15th)

You can watch Fury Road just for the frenetic pacing or action. You can watch it only for the smart feminism. You can watch it for the kick-ass characters, or the eyeball-pleasing visuals. You can come in for any of those, but each and everyone is tuned to perfection. I have been racking my brain for a single complaint since the summer, but I can’t find any. This is the perfect movie.

Spy (June 5th)

Spy transcended it’s roots, and moved past being the “obligatory feminist movie”. At ever turn, it was hilarious and thrilling. With never a dull moment, never an unfunny moment, and a phenomenal cast dedicated to their craft, Spy kills. As I said in my review, “I don’t think I’ve laughed continually for such a long period of time since that one time I couldn’t stop chuckling back in middle school.”

Indominus Rex (Jurassic World).jpg
The Indominus Rex lurks.

Jurassic World (June 12th)

I wasn’t quite sure what to think when I heard about this movie. It was sort of like my reaction to the new Independence Day movie, right now. I was very cautious. I could either turn out really good, or really bad. But, it’s on this list, so you know how it turned out, right? This was the best movie of the summer, and it blew me away with how much fun it was.

Inside-Out (June 19th)

I didn’t expect anything from this movie, and frankly, I didn’t want to see it anyway. But I saw it after it had left theaters, after my parents wanted to see it and I didn’t really care enough to leave the room. But I was surprised. Inside-Out was a funny and touching romp through a small child’s mind, and was way better than I thought It would have been.

Ant-Man (June 22nd)

This is some of the most fun I had at the movies all year, and I had to wait around half a year to see it. Apparently, some people still don’t trust Marvel to make a good movie, but that’s okay. I hope now, people get it. With Ant-Man, Marvel has proved again that they are masters of their craft, and have (once again) re-invented what a comic-book movie can be.

Cool Turn (Rogue Nation).jpg
Ethan Hunt and William Brandt.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (July 31st)

Was it as good as Ghost Protocol? No. Was it going to be? Probably not. However, Rogue Nation was such a small step down from it’s predecessors that I preferred it that way. This way, we get a fantastic fifth installment of the prestigious Mission Impossible series, and all of the tension of worrying that MI-6 won’t hold up is gone. It’s awesome.

The Martian (October 2nd)

I read this book about a month before the movie came out, and absolutely adored it. It’s one of my favorite sci-fi novels right now, and the movie was nearly perfect. Sure, there were some problems, but the only way those would have been fixed would be if The Martian was a four hour movie, and I doubt that would have happened. This is how you do book adaptions, people.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (December 18th)

Star Wars Dogfight (The Force Awakens)
Where’s my Rogue Squadron movie?

I remember that before this movie came out, I described myself as hopeful, but not expectant. I left the theater in a grinning daze, coming out of one of the best experiences I’ve had in recent memory. The Force Awakens dazzled me with it’s brilliance, and has made me incredibly excited for the rest of the new Star Wars movies.


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