New Comic Book Day! (September 9th, 2015)

Secret Wars 2099 #5
The cover to Secret Wars 2099 #5.

I like comics, and so can you. Here’s something new that I’ve been mulling over. When I buy things on new comic book day (every Wednesday), sometimes I write about them, and sometimes I don’t. Now, I will. (Unless, I don’t get anything.) These won’t be super long, just little things. Here we go. Let’s read some comics!

Comics Bought:

Secret Wars 2099 #5 (Marvel)

Secret Wars Civil War #4 (Marvel)

Comics Almost Bought:

Secret Wars #6 (Marvel) Why not? It was postponed.

Drifter #8 (Image) Why not? It was postponed.

Faster Than Light #1 (Image) Why not? Not in the mood for an impulse buy.


Secret Wars 2099 #5

Secret Wars 2099 #5 is the end of the 2099 miniseries, and a tie in to Marvel’s massive Secret Wars summer crossover event. I’ve been avidly following the 2099 tie in, because it’s basically the sci-fi Avengers, with a cool corporate-overreach theme, that usually only populates the best cyberpunk novels. I’ve had a lot of fun with the mini-series, but it seemed a little all-over the place. Sure, the finale was cool, but it was kind of weird. It came out of no where, and I think that’s partially because they didn’t really have enough time to develop much, what with it’s life-span being tied to Battleworld’s.

Secret Wars Civil War #4
Secret Wars Civil War #4.

Secret Wars Civil War #4

This is another Secret Wars one, but focuses on a revisionist history “what-if” timeline where Cap never questioned his actions, and the civil war between him and Iron Man never ended, and just kept escalating until America actually ended up as two different nations: the Iron, and the Blue.

The first two issues of this were pretty cool, and I had some fun with them, and the third was very good too, but the fourth (this one) was where it really hit it out of the park. What, you might ask? Everything. The series had stayed consistently entertaining, but seeing Cap heading to war, across the divide, and Iron Man fighting against the surprise enemy behind the scenes (no spoilers) was just too much fun.

Who won? Because, of course, it has to be a competition! Well, 2099 #5 ended a pretty entertaining miniseries on a shaky but fun note, while Civil War #4 propelled a pretty entertaining miniseries up a massively cool heights, and got me really pumped for the final issue, #5.

Winner of the Week: Secret Wars Civil War #4!


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