“Blind Leap” (Black Science: Volume 3)

Black Science V3 Vanishing Point
The cover for volume 3, featuring Grant, Shawn, and the centurions.

I’m a little late for this one, but better late than never, right? OK, well, here it is. Black Science recently wrapped up volume 3 of it’s esteemed (by me) run. Naturally, I was excited. Nay, beyond excited. I was pumped. Did it let me down? You’ll just have to wait and see. It won’t take that long. Just the length of the summary.

After jumping into a new dimension, the dimensionauts attempt to sort out their journey. But as they venture outside of safety, they find a dying world welcoming them with fire. This reality’s version of the ALS accidentally set off a plague, and has inadvertently killed off the main population. Now, high-powered centurions roam the skies, keeping the infectious peace. When they see the dimensionauts, so begins a deadly game of mistaken identity. But as the team realizes how damaging to the Onion their cursed voyage has been, and are faced with death, they must make an impossible choice: Get out with their lives, or take a chance, and save the world.

Wow. I fell in love with this series when I grabbed the trade paperback of volume 1 from the library, and collecting the monthly issues in volume 2 only solidified my attachment. Now, volume 3 takes that, and raises it. It’s insane. I still don’t know how they did it, but at issue #16, Black Science just refuses to slow down. And I love it.

I remember reading Rick Remender in Issue 12 of the series saying that they established the characters, the premise, and some of the stakes in the first two volumes, and volume 3 was were they would take the wheel and jerk the car right off of the cliff, and take the wheel he did. Everything you think you know, you have to re-learn, but in a good way. Major characters are killed. Major characters return. Plot twists and cliff hangers abound. Some moments are so awe-inspiring that they might have brought a tear to my eye, and best of all, Black Science never loses it way. From the very first issue, readers were told that no one was safe, and that this was going to be a dangerous journey. It has always fulfilled that promise, but in volume 3, it has reached new heights along with it.

A while ago, I would have said that Black Science was one of my favorite comic books. Now, I can say that Black Science is my favorite comic book. ‘Nuff said. Remender and Scalera created a multitude of beautiful and wonderful worlds that will kill you, and with volume 3, that threat is brought into the light even more than it ever was before. Nothing will ever be the same, and I’m excited.

New issues of Black Science return in November, with Issue #17.


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