“Indestructible-Ish” (The Glitch Mob: Piece of the Indestructible EP)

It's a bird!
Head Full of Shadows!

I don’t really talk about my music habits on the Fortress. There were two album reviews (Imagine Dragons and Big Data), but those hardly represent the entirety of my massive and very varied tastes. One of the artists that I’ve been in love with for years is The Glitch Mob. They’ve been active since 2006, and have been pumping out new music since their first official album in 2010, Drink the Sea. They’ve done a whole bunch of cool stuff, but their most recent was Piece of the Indestructible, an EP comprising of three songs that came out on June 9th. My birthday!

Track 1: Head Full of Shadows

This song starts out slow, with the promise of better beats to come. And it lives up to that, if you stick around for the rest of the song. It takes a whole lot of inspiration from The Glitch Mob’s more recent style of music, in the vein of Love Death Immortality (2014). This means that rather than a more glitchy chorus, the whole song is much more of an EDM experience.

Track 2: Better Hide, Better Run

The beginning of this song feels almost exactly like Love Death Immortality, but quickly gains it’s independence. It hits you in the face (in a good way) with some really powerful sounds, and then works with them in fantastic ways, changing up the tone of the song, and then mixing in the different sounds to make a great song. I won’t even mention the catchy lyrics.

Piece of the Indestructible
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s superman!

Track 3: The Clouds Breathe For You

This one is a little different, but I shouldn’t be surprised. The last song on every single Glitch Mob album or EP (all four of them now) is usually very slow and melodic. This is what people usually refer to as trance, or ambient music. It’s very relaxing, but it’s the type of music that I don’t really tend to remember. It’s very well done, just not my favorite.

I’ve been waiting some time for some new music by the Glitch Mob. And with Piece of the Indestructible, I haven’t been disappointed. Not at all. Sure, maybe I wanted to have the last song be a little more exciting, because trance music isn’t really my preferred genre of music, but I was still expecting it, because trance songs ending each album is kind of routine now. Good job. I can’t wait for the next time. 8 out of 10.

Blending together the best elements of Love Death Immortality, and expanding on then with new additions to strengthen the Glitch Mob’s repetoire, Piece of the Indestructible is another fine arrow in the Glitch Mob’s catchy quiver.


3 thoughts on ““Indestructible-Ish” (The Glitch Mob: Piece of the Indestructible EP)

  1. Meanings of the characters, I cannot distinguish, but symbolism here might point to a yin/yang type mixture, and there’s something to the direction of brushstrokes.

    First, each “character” has two different mediums. There is the clean calligraphy style stroke, as if paint were scraped on by a palette knife. Then there is the sloppy wet brush that complements the other half of the character.

    The first character has odd symmetry. In other words, you could spin the character around 180 degrees, and it would look the same.
    The second character has even symmetry. The left half of the character looks like a mirror image of the right half.
    The third character has both even and odd symmetry.

    Lastly, the brush strokes of the first two characters seem to imply that the characters are inverted. The first character’s clean stroke loses paint from bottom to top, and dirty stroke loses paint from right to left, meaning that it was either drawn opposite what you’d expect, or the image was simply flipped along its symmetry. The second character’s clean stroke loses paint from right to left, and dirty stroke loses paint from bottom to top. The third character is the only one that appears to be drawn as you would expect (top to bottom).

    Given these points, my interpretation is that there are three necessary elements for completion/perfection: balance of structure and freedom (clean/dirty), agreement (symmetry), and cooperation.

    The circle represents completeness, and is only formed by combining two strokes drawn in the correct manner. On their own, they are not symmetric, nor complete, and individually they show opposition. Together, though, they form a circle, which is symmetric (agreeable) along every possible axis on the plane.

    Glitch Mob likes geometry, I can’t help but think they put some thought into this.

    Forgive me, I was bored and had time. And I may be way off on this.

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