“Pretty Sneaky…” (Spy)

Spy (Poster)
The poster for Spy, from 2015.

Double headers! Movie double headers! Double headers abound! No, I’m not talking about baseball, I’m talking about movies. Big surprise. When have I ever talked about baseball? Anyway, I saw Spy, and Pitch Perfect 2. One of them was really good, and the other I had some problems with. Guess which.

Susan Cooper is a CIA agent, and walks agent Bradley Fine through his missions. But when he is murdered by the daughter of a man he killed, the daughter (Rayna Boyanov) decides to fill her father’s shoes, and compromises all the field agents. Now, no one can go and stop and active nuke. No one but Susan Cooper.

I wasn’t exactly sure how this movie would turn out, but I was excited to find out. From the very beginning, I could see it was going cool places. In the first couple of minutes, there’s a substantial amount of humor and action to tie me over, and it just keeps going. And then it leads into more scenes, showing that this isn’t some half-assed attempt at a movie. It actually has a plot, which happens to be something that I admire in my movies.

It’s very well acted, and a stand-out is definitely Jason Statham, who played his role way past perfection. I don’t think I’ve laughed continually for such a long period of time since that one time I couldn’t stop chuckling back in middle school. Yes, this movie will make you laugh. That’s a fact. Take it from me. I laughed. And at the same time, it felt good. Sometimes, I watch movies, and I don’t get why they’re there. Some people might call it the “obligatory feminist movie”, but I disagree. That might have been the working title a few weeks into production, but it’s far surpassed that. It felt completely natural. Spy shoved itself in my face, and dared me to question it. And that was funny. I laughed. 9 out of 10.

Yes, this is the “obligatory feminist movie”, and I love it. I ate up every minute of it, and then felt compelled to ask for seconds. The actors are top notch (especially Jason Statham), there is never a missed opportunity for a joke, and never does the humor fall flat. At the same time though, the action dosen’t pull any punches either. It meshed both genres together perfectly, and solidified itself in my memory.


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