“Assembled” (Avengers: Age of Ultron)

Avengers Age of Ultron (Poster)
I know I say this every time, but this poster is soooo much better than the last one.

It’s taken me a little while to start writing this, as I wanted some time to compose my thoughts on this movie before just slapping words down onto a page. Because to be honest, this could end up being one of the most important movies of the year for me, and I’d like to give it a completely fair and un-bias chance. But, it’s Marvel. So we all know that’ll last about as long as the time it’ll take the logo to come up.

After SHIELD collapsed, HYDRA reared it’s ugly head. The Avengers have been running around and around trying to stop them, but HYDRA is always one step ahead. When they finally catch up, they find that HYDRA’s plan goes a little deeper than they had thought. And when Tony Stark jump starts Ultron, a dormant peace-keeping program, things don’t get any better. Because when Ultron looks at the world, the only path he sees to peace is to wipe the Earth clean and start over. Now, only the Avengers stand in his way.

If you didn’t notice, this is a comic book movie. It’s freaking awesome. However, that means that it remains as a point of controversy. We’ve been dancing around comic book movies since 1979, with Superman, and after comic book movies that didn’t star Superman or Batman started coming in 2000, some people have started to feel a bit fatigued. Personally, I love them. When I hear that Infinity War (Avengers 3) will be a massive two part extravaganza featuring pretty much every character that Marvel can fit into a four hour experience, fighting the mad titan Thanos, I get all warm and fuzzy inside, and think about how fast 2018 can possibly come. But when non-fans hear that, they think that this is all getting to be a bit silly. And that’s fine! I can see that. But I don’t believe it. What I’m trying to say here is that no matter what happens, people have already made up their minds about this movie. Either it’s the almighty lord and savior, here to propel us into Phase 3, or it’s the devil, signifying everything that’s wrong with blockbuster movies. In my humble opinion, it’s definitely the first one.

YEAAAHH! (Avengers Age of Ultron)

(SPOILERS will ensue in my review)

This movie brings together all of the Avengers from the first one, while adding some new ones. You’d think it’d be just as fun as the last one. And, you’d be right. In fact, in certain places, it’s more fun. But there’s also a hint of darkness that punctuates the movie perfectly. Throughout the entire movie, it feels like everything that the previous movies had been building up could fall apart with the touch of a finger. Everything is so fragile, and it makes the whole thing ripe with tension. In the end of the movie, I really did feel like this could have been the avenger’s last battle. And for some of them, it was. So here’s a short list of things that I didn’t like.

  • The Soundtrack

This isn’t really a problem. But Age of Ultron did not have a real new soundtrack. It mainly used the soundtrack from the original Avengers. There was some variation, and I loooooooove the original soundtrack to the Avengers. So, it really wasn’t that much of a problem. I did think it would be cool if the music could stand on it’s own, but I also loved it when the Avengers theme started playing.

  • Hawkeye’s Family

In this movie, Hawkeye has a wife and kids. This isn’t a problem at all, like the above bullet point. In fact, it was a good part of the story, and it was very nice and funny. But, it ruins my hopes for a movie based off of the Hawkeye series from 2012, which would have been absolutely perfect.

  • Quicksilver’s Death

Here’s your spoiler! In the movie, Quicksilver died saving Hawkeye’s life. This wasn’t really that bad either, as it was done really well, and was genuinely heartbreaking. In that case, I can’t take any points off for it, but I think it would have been really cool to see Quicksilver fighting alongside the Avengers for another couple of times. In the end of the movie, they had a thing where they showed all of the new recruits to the team. Scarlet Witch was there, War Machine was there, and the Falcon. But no Quicksilver.

Hulkbuster (Avengers Age of Ultron)

In the end, this movie is totally better than the first one. It adds new heroes, (RIP Quicksilver) new villains, new adventures, more humor and levity, and ups the stakes to an immense level. By the end, the Avengers are fighting for the planet, in a desperate last stand against Ultron and his Iron Legion. This gives off an amazing contrast to DC’s Man of Steel, which decided to kill off thousands of people in it’s final stand. Captain America stressed throughout the movie that they wouldn’t leave the battlefield until everyone was out of harms way. Because that’s what the Avengers do. They save the people. 9 out of 10.

The new characters were perfect. The old characters were just as fun. Somehow, Joss Whedon balanced a dark and deep plotline about planetary genocide by a malevolent AI, and the inner turmoil of the Avengers with some really funny humor. The mood switch seamlessly, and made Age of Ultron that much better. In the end, I was just happy for another adventure. But Age of Ultron gave me much more than that.


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