“I Hear Good TV…” (Daredevil: Season 1)

Daredevil (Poster)
The poster for Daredevil. They also have one with Matt in his red suit, but I couldn’t find it.

Recently, Marvel Comics made a super cool deal with Netflix, agreeing to make four new shows, and agreeing that Netflix would release them. The first of the new shows is Daredevil, based off of the comics character, Daredevil. Could you have guessed? Now, I marathoned this entire show, all of Saturday. And I mean all of it.

Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson are new the law practice. They have just opened up a firm, but have no clients. However, help comes in the form of Karen, a woman who ran afoul of her employers, and has been framed for murder. But when Matt begins acting outside the law with special talents he acquired as a child, can their business stay afloat?

Now, you perceptive little ones might remember Daredevil was adapted for the screen back in 2003. I haven’t actually seen that one, but it wasn’t supposed to be very good. So, this show has now become a sort of savior for the Daredevil fans out there. Now, seeing as how I haven’t watched the movie yet, I can’t really compare the two, but I can say that this show is better than I could have possibly hoped for.

I originally thought that it would be a funny, action packed criminal drama. And it was. But a little under halfway through the show, things went south. Really south. Cops had been killed, things were exploding, and everyone was blaming Daredevil. Episodes 5 and 6 were unquestionable masterpieces, and could probably just be watched on their own, with little knowledge of what had been going on in the first four episodes. By the end of the show, the villain had gone public, and had everyone loving him. In contrast, the city blamed Daredevil for everything that had gone wrong.

I seriously haven’t given away a fraction of the things this show has in store for you, and I was legitimately surprised at how many twists and turns Daredevil through at me. In addition to that, the acting and script were consistently great, and the action was absurdly cool, however violent it could get. The combat was usually very brutal and intense. It wasn’t like in Iron Man or Thor, where energy beams or magic was being thrown around. Daredevil fought with fists. This show was also very good at that thing TV and movies do where they cut away from something really disgusting at the last second, and make a squelching noise. In that case, it was kind of merciful. I liked it that way, as it wasn’t one of those things that just had blood squibs and red mist flying everywhere for no reason. Some of the action scenes were really interesting in their own ways as well. One of my favorites (in episode 2), has the camera just zooming back and forth, and turning around through this one hallway. It’s this attention to detail, respect for the material, and fearlessness to innovate that rockets Daredevil to the top. 9 out of 10.

WHACHAAA! (Daredevil)
I think Matt would make a pretty good dancer.

After redeeming itself from the failure that apparently was the 2003 version of Daredevil (Honestly, can’t say) Netflix’s Daredevil continues in it’s greatness, and delivers top notch acting and story, with some great action and one of the most engrossing plots I’ve ever seen. It also works as a comedy, making me laugh constantly. In the end though, Daredevil made me genuinely surprised at how much it had grown. So for now, color me impressed.


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