“Bigger and Better.” (Big Data: 2.0)

Guess who’s back? Back again. Big Data’s back. With their debut album. Okay, that didn’t rhyme, but who cares? It’s Big Data! Yeah! Maybe you’ve never heard of the group, because they might be slightly obscure. They did a four song EP a while back, and then some remixes, and one or two of their songs got some minimal airplay recently, but I had no idea that they had a full album up their sleeve.

Big Data 2.0
Here’s the cover. It may look empty, but it just has a white background.

Track 1: The Business of Emotion

This is a really cool start. I really enjoy the beat, and the lyrics are very catchy. They go fast, so I couldn’t understand them very well on my first go at the song, but I have a feeling this is one song that I’ll be humming for a long time.

Track 2: Dangerous

This is one on their EP, and the best one so far. Dangerous is actually the song that introduced me to them, on Pandora, but that dosen’t matter too much. What does matter is that nothing about this song is different. I still love it. It’s an amazing song that blends an infectious rhythm with surprisingly good lyrics that I can actually understand this time around.

Track 3: Clean

This song has some decidedly “retro” beats in it, and I really enjoy that aspect of it. That is punctuated perfectly by the once again superb lyrics, and the “modern” electronic highlights that are gradually added in throughout the song. Like a fine wine, Clean gets better with age.

Track 4: The Glow

This one starts off slower, and seems to keep a more cautious tone throughout the song. But this dosen’t make it bad. I actually really like it for that, and the lyrics just keep improving! I didn’t know lyrics could do that! And to make matters better, they are thrown in with the occasional burst of quick energy into the song, adding some spice to an already good dish.

Big Data 1.0
This is the cover for 1.0, their previous EP.

Track 5: Snowed In

Apparently, this song was inspired by the actions of Edward Snowden, and it’s written from the perspective of the NSA. That’s a pretty cool idea, and the chorus is great, but some of the other lines just don’t work. They make the song choppy, and not that fun to listen to. It quickly corrects that however, but the damage has been done.

Track 6: Big Dater

This is another one that was released originally on the EP, and I remember not liking it for whatever reason. But now, I enjoy it more. I don’t remember much from the EP version, but I don’t think they changed it much, like Dangerous. I don’t know what’s different, but this Big Dater is certainly an improvement over the original.

Track 7: Automatic

With a name like Automatic, I would have expected the song to be more fast paced and energetic, but Automatic works surprisingly well as a catchy electronic song and also carries a nice and weighty feel to it.

Track 8: Get Some Freedom

Right from the start, this song has a very evident “rock” kinda feel to it, and it’s really entertaining. This continues throughout the song, and is really fun to listen to. This is complimented by the ever-superb lyrics, and a general smell of “freedom” in the air. If the US needs a new national anthem anytime soon, I would vote for this song.

Track 9: Sick for Me

This song starts out in a very energetic way, and dosen’t let up the whole way through. The lyrics are smart and well chosen, and its something that could definitely be counted as an earworm. There’s no remedy for this song.

Big Data 404
Error: 404. Could not find face.

Track 10: Perfect Holiday

Perfect Holiday has an interesting electronic beat behind it, but takes things a little slower, which I found to be pretty interesting. I really can’t compliment the lyrics any more, as they blend perfectly with the song, and don’t sound like they just came from a blank template, like most songs I hear on the radio. A worthy end to a worthy album.

Overall, this new album was a whole lot better than their EP, 1.0. And though it did leave me wondering where The Stroke of Return and Bombs over Brooklyn were, it did re-release Dangerous, and make me love Big Dater again. I’ll consider that a win. The best song on the album was undoubtedly Get Some Freedom, but surprisingly, there were pretty much no misses. If I was listening to this again, I wouldn’t skip over anything because I didn’t like it the first time. I would probably listen to the whole thing straight through. That’s a pretty good thing, considering there aren’t many albums that I love as a complete whole. 9 out of 10.

Big Data’s debut album is nearly perfect in every single way. The beats are infectious, and the lyrics hit a tone that most can never even hope to. Sure, Bombs over Brooklyn and The Stroke of Return aren’t there, but I’m willing to overlook that, because 2.0 is much better than 1.0.


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