“My New Obsession” (Leviathan Wakes)

Leviathan Wakes (Cover)
Pretty sure that’s Eros, and the Nauvoo. But overall, the cover of the book.

I really love science fiction. I’ve eaten up countless movies, TV, and books inside the genre, and I always can’t wait for the next big thing. This series has been running strong since 2011, and I’ve been searching for an entry point for a while now. Recently I finally found one. A very nice family member bought the book for me as a present, and I’ve been hooked on it ever since. What do I have to say about it? Just good things.

Detective Miller of Ceres is assigned a very special case by the police department. Julie Mao, the daughter of a rich family has disappeared, and the trail leads to foul play. Jim Holden has a problem. It seems that after finding the Scopuli, the last known location of Julie Mao, every place he’s been to has been shot up and blown to smithereens, with he and his crew barely making it out alive. They pave a path of destruction and death across the Belt, and end up instigating a war between Mars and the OPA. Soon, they clash with Miller, and must uncover a conspiracy that could endanger the entire human race.

This book isn’t flashy. That’s one of the things I like about it, in fact. Watching Syfy’s Ascension, I found that the whole thing was trying to be “edgy”, and cool. It didn’t seem to reach such heights as other sci-fi material has found for me, because it was trying to hard to be “cool”. In that respect, the show failed in my eyes. There’s nothing cooler than well done sci-fi, and in trying to be cool to a larger audience, Ascension failed to reach me.

There’s nothing of that caliber in Leviathan Wakes. Instead, it’s all classic sci-fi thrills, on top of exquisite world building, compelling characters, and few completely unforgettable moments. One of the things that surprised me was that Leviathan Wakes is actually a “zombie” novel. Now, the reason why I put zombie in quotes is because, technically, the creatures that the Protomolecule in the book creates are not zombies. It’s almost like the brilliantly done Dire Earth Cycle (which I highly recommend.) There’s a very good excuse, and the author actually gives a good scientific explanation of why the creatures are there. Surprisingly, it all holds up pretty well (kinda like The Dire Earth Cycle). Seriously, go read that.

Off of the Donnager, I Think (The Expanse)
Is this when they’re trying to escape the Donnager? I’ll find out, someday.

Coincidentally, Syfy is actually releasing their new TV show, The Expanse, soon. As a matter of fact, The Expanse is the name of the series Leviathan Wakes kicked off. Wait a minute! Hold on! Slow down! You mean that even in the midst of all the Insurgents and other copycat YA novels, someone’s actually paying attention to good sci-fi? Huh. That’s nice. Well, the heat is up. I get dragged to one of my sister’s movies every week. I get one thing. One. And it’s this. You better not mess this up, Syfy… 9 out of 10.

I do say this quite a lot, and not to belittle it’s meaning, but this is one of my favorite new books. It’s got everything I look for in great sci-fi: characters, plot, conflict, and very good execution. I’ll definitely look out for Syfy’s (I’m filing it under “maybe it’ll be good?”) TV series, and I’m going to grab the sequels as fast as possible.