“Put Your Clothes On!” (Ascension: Season 1)

Ascension Limited
See? It says limited!

I’m not really sure what to call this review, as the show, Ascension ended pretty openly. Right now, I can find no word of a second season, and it’s called a miniseries, so I assume it’ll stop here. But really, there was almost a “cliffhanger-esque” feel to the end, making me unsure that this is that last I’ve seen of Ascension. Of course, that’s just the parenthesized title. The title in quotes is completely reasonable, but I’ll get to that later. Want to learn more? Take the jump!

All the way back in 1963, a mission was launched to another galaxy, with the generation spaceship Ascension. 51 years into the 100 year journey, one of the passengers turns up dead. Now, loyalties are being questioned, people are beginning to drop like flies, and there is still a killer on the loose.

This show was kind of strange. All of the sci-fi undertones were great, it’s just that they were just that: undertones. The real meat of the show was all of the characters, and they all had something to hide. Unfortunately, they all seemed to bring something sexual to the table. The captain was cheating on his wife, and his wife was cheating on him, not to mention running an organization of stewardesses/prostitutes. Another officer was having an affair with a woman who was already in a relationship, and had just been selected for the birth list. Two other teens were in love, but that was kind of refreshing. In that case, I mean that it was more of a “will they, won’t they” kind of thing, rather than an affair. Syfy actually made an official tree tying it all together, which I think is hilarious. (Who’s Sleeping With Who?)

Boom! (Ascension)
I can only assume that that was important.

Other than the gratuitous sex, the storyline was pretty cool. I liked the idea of a murder mystery in space, but all in all, it was pretty standard fare. Really though, this is a pretty hard review, as I don’t know whether I’m going to see more of the show. If there’s going to be more episodes, then I won’t complain about the kid doing her best River Tam impression and creating lightning storms. I also wouldn’t complain about Gault’s new home, or Stokes’ run for freedom.

What really annoyed me was in fact, the sex. I mean, there’s not much I can really do about it, short of complaining on my little blog, but the whole thing was unnecessary. It almost felt like some teenage boy’s wet dream rather than an actual TV show that wanted to be taken seriously. Strangely enough, there’s no relation that’s known as “cheating on with” in Syfy’s relationship tree. It was almost like Game of Thrones (with an average of around six breasts per episode, according to Youtube’s Game Theory), just with only implied nudity.

As I said before, there’s not much that I can do about Ascension’s tagline of “women can’t seem to keep their clothes on”, expecting my complaints. However, I will say this. In my opinion, science fiction as a genre shouldn’t need to use all of this sex. To me, it’s a crutch, and one that is grossly overused. In a perfect world, sci-fi should be able to rely on it’s superb characters, stellar (pun intended) storylines, and the overall sense of wonderment that drew me into the genre in the first place. The thought that some “fans” of science fiction were brought in and are still only there for meaningless sex that blindly panders to their desires is a really scary thought to me. 6 out of 10.

The whole plot line and idea behind Ascension was the best part about it. The only problem was, it was behind it. All of the sexual overtones and strange affairs took center stage, and that was my problem with it. All of Ascension’s flash and bang, so to speak, was for naught, as Syfy had a brilliant but dreadfully underutilized story that they let slip through their fingers.


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