“The High Point” (The Flash: The Man in the Yellow Suit)

The Flash and Reverse Flash
The Flash and Reverse Flash

Unlike Agent’s of SHIELD, I have talked about The Flash a bit. I did a post on the premiere, excited for the rest of the show, and as I suspected, it didn’t disappoint. Now that all of the superhero shows that I watch have gone on mid-season break at the exact same time, I have the job of sorting through it all. This time around: The Flash!

When Barry Allen was 11 years old, he saw a flash of yellow and red lighting, and inside it, he saw a man. That man was the same man that he thought killed his mother, even though his father was arrested for the murder. Now, he has the super speed to rival the yellow blur, but he can’t seem to find him. Now, Barry’s speed and skill will be put to the test as he finally faces the man in the yellow suit.

I have been waiting for a long time now to see Reverse Flash in action, and this episode did not disappoint. The whole fight was a bit one-sided, but it was still really interesting. One thing I’ve noticed while watching Arrow and Agents of SHIELD is that they both start out in a very episodic form, showcasing “adventures of the week”. Later though, both shows started to head out into a much more intense and dynamic, story driven endgame. With the addition of Reverse Flash, this series has kicked it up a notch, and has finally reached it’s high point. 9 out of 10.

Now that the first half of season 1 is over, I can say that The Flash has gotten me hooked. With interesting characters, both with the heroes and villains, a great sense of humor, and good storytelling, this show is awesome even when it’s episodic. But even so, I am excited to see that The Flash has hit it’s high point.