“MARCH?” (Agents of SHIELD: What They Become)

Agents of SHIELD (Season 2)
Oh, I’m SO excited!

I’ve noticed that I talk a lot about Marvel Comics on the Fortress. I’ve droned on and on about the movies, and even some of the comics too. Also included in my comic book conversations were DC’s The Flash, and even Arrow got mentioned by me once. But the one thing that I haven’t even glanced at on this blog is Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. Just recently, they wrapped up the first half of season 2 with an absolutely brilliant mid-season finale.

After finding the location of the secret city, Coulson and his agents are beset by Whitehall and HYDRA in their race to find out what the Diviner does when placed on the altar. But they may never get that chance, as Coulson hopes to destroy the temple before HYDRA can get there. But with Skye and Raina in Whitehall’s clutches, Coulson and the rest of the team must make a choice. Save Skye, or risk giving HYDRA the secrets of the Diviner.

Well, I have to say that this show definitely took a turn. Originally, it was reacting to the events from the mainstream Marvel movies, but now it seems to be setting them up. So what do they become? Inhumans. Yeah, the show is setting up the Kree’s (previously from Guardians of the Galaxy) experimentation on humans to create special people (way cooler than Divergent). Considering that the Inhumans are getting their own movie in 2019, I’m pretty excited for all of this, even though I haven’t read the original comic series. When does the second half premiere? MARCH? I can’t wait that long! 9 out of 10.

As a compelling sounding board for the following Marvel Movies to bounce off of, Agents of SHIELD has matured as a show a great deal since it’s series premiere. It’s become more than just a side feature for the fans of the comics to tune into every week, and has turned into a interesting catapult for the rest of the MCU.


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