“Not Flat At All” (Doctor Who: Flatline)

Flatline Poster
Two dimensions! Two of them!

This season of Doctor Who has been kinda hit or miss for me. There are ten episodes out, (of which I have seen nine) and some of them have been good, some bad, most mediocre at best. I’m waiting for the Cybermen to knock it out of the park with their season finale. But the point is that good Doctor Who episodes have been in short supply within the current season. It’s nice to find a standout.

When the Doctor attempts to return Clara back to her own time, they end up in definitely the wrong place. But this time, it’s not the Doctor’s fault! Something has been leeching the TARDIS’s power, and in a few minutes, it’s pocket sized. Now Clara must stop whoever is preventing their exit, and protect the Earth from deadly alien newcomers… In 2D!

As I said before, there hasn’t been a very good collection of season 8’s episodes to chose from. Really, the only good one has been Robot of Sherwood and Time Heist, way back in the first half of the season. This episode, Flatline, is the best to come out of season 8 so far, and  one of my favorite episode is the series as a whole.

RUN! (Flatline)
And then this happened, which is one of my favorite Doctor Who moments in recent memory.

One of the standouts in this episode (not including Clara’s brilliant role) was the villains. The Boneless are some of the coolest and most original villains I’ve seen in a while, and the effects constantly wowed me. I was wondering why some of the effects were lacking in the earlier episodes, and now I know where their budget went. I’m glad it went here, because it was awe inducing to see the Boneless just kinda crawl off of the wall.

Moving on, this is where my review scale kind of traps me. Robot of Sherwood was a really good episode, but not perfect. It got a 9 out of 10, and that’s exactly what I want to give this one. Flatline started treading into the hand-wavy science part of Doctor Who, which I’m always ready to criticize. In that case, I would give it a 9 out of 10. But, Flatline is better than Robot of Sherwood and Time Heist, but is not a 10 out of 10. Flatline is the best of the season so far, but is still an 9 out of 10.

As you can see, I’m a little conflicted. But trust me, this is where I’ll sort it all. Flatline is the best episode you’ll find in season 8 so far. It’s got some great character development, especially with the treatment of Clara and her empowerment in the episode. The villains in the Flatline are top-notch, and the effects accent them perfectly. Trust me. Flatline is the best you’re getting out of season 8 so far.


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