“Wow.” (Edge of Tomorrow)

A poster for Edge of Tomorrow, with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

Tom Cruise is pretty cool, though there’s a running argument about him and Denzel Washington. No matter, though, because Tom Cruise’s new movie, Edge of Tomorrow, is available to rent… And, I need something to hold me over until Mission Impossible 5.

William Cage is a army officer who has never been in battle. He is so averse to it, that he will try to blackmail a superior officer to get away from the fighting. Of course, that just lands him in a deeper pile of trouble than he was in before. When he steps onto the battlefield with the Mimics, deadly aliens attempting to colonize Earth, he is killed by an Alpha Mimic, and absorbs it’s blood. Now, wherever he is killed, he wakes up where he started. Now, he must team up with Rita Vrataski, and stop the invasion through some deadly trial and error. With each death, Cage becomes closer to winning the battle, and killing the Mimic’s leader, the Omega. But, with each death, the Omega becomes one step closer to finding him.

OH NO! (Edge of Tomorrow)

Wow. That’s honestly one of the best ways to describe this movie. If someone asked me to express my feelings about Edge of Tomorrow in one word, I could probably come up with something better after thinking for a few minutes, but the first word in my mind would be “wow”. I’ve seen good action movies before, but the premise had been done before. This movie is something else. It’s an impressive action movie that will blow you away, but it’s also a brilliantly funny ride, and a refreshingly smart experience. If you haven’t already, go give Edge of Tomorrow a try. You’ll be glad you did. 9 out of 10.

A fantastically inventive movie with pulse-pounding action and an engaging plot, Edge of Tomorrow is something entirely different, and an genre transcending movie. Somehow, it manages to be both a breath of fresh air, and at the same time, a gasp in awe.


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