“Fast Paced Fun” (The Flash: Pilot)

The Flash (Poster)
A poster for the Flash’s new show.

Now it’s time for the second show that’s attempting to make a name for itself with a series premier. Star Wars Rebels opened it’s first season in a disappointingly terrible fashion, but now it’s time for DC Comic’s new show The Flash to take the spotlight.

When Barry Allen was a young boy, he saw his mother killed in a ball of lightning, and his father arrested as the murderer. Now, Barry spends his days as a CSI investigator, and his nights investigating the impossible. After Barry is struck by lightning, he wakes up nine months later with the power to save his city.

I was pretty sure that The Flash would be great, but after watching the first season of the brilliant Arrow, I was worried how the two shows would stack up. Well, I’m not worried anymore. Right now, I haven’t seen enough of The Flash to really judge which show is better, but I can say that as long as The Flash dosen’t run out of juice anytime soon, it’s good enough to overtake Arrow.

As I watched the show, I could see an almost Peter Parker-esque resemblance to the way that Barry Allen acted, telling me that this show would be a lot lighter and more fun than it’s darker and more serious predecessor. Now, I do really love Arrow and it’s tone, but the jokes and more colorful storyline of The Flash got to me in the end. 9 out of 10.

Lightning (The Flash)
Barry gets his powers from the accident at Star Labs.

Complimenting it’s predecessor’s darker and more serious tone with a lighthearted and more colorful storyline punctuated with humor and class, The Flash has the potential to dethrone Arrow as my new obsession.