“A Bad Episode? Impossible!” (Doctor Who: Time Heist)

Mission Impossible (S8 Time Heist)
A poster for Time Heist, featuring the Doctor doing some sort of exotic dance move.

Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to review this past episode of Doctor Who, and give completely honest commentary on what you though of it. Whew! I got it out. This was the intro that I was going to use for my review of Mission: Impossible 2. However, the post schedule got backed up, and that post never saw the light of day. I was really excited that I could use it for this week’s Doctor Who, though.

Clara is hoping for a good second date with Danny, until the Doctor comes along. “Nothing bad can happen when you answer the phone!” He says, just before he and Clara find themselves in the most secure bank in the universe, with their memories wiped. Their task? Rob it.

This episode looked very good from the previous week’s teaser of it, and what do you know? It was! I have a few complaints, though. For starters, this episode turned out to be exponentially confusing. In the end, everything made sense and it was good, but in the moment? Most of the time, I was lost. Also, I wish they would spend less time sneaking around. I mean, it was cool and all, but I feel like the episode could have been more exciting. 8 out of 10.

Time Heist is one of the best episodes of season 8. While it had it’s ups and downs, ultimately the atmosphere, humor, and two of the best supporting characters ever to grace the show with their presence in years skyrockets this episode into history.