“Where Have You Been?” (Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood)

Robot of Sherwood Poster (S8 Robot of Sherwood)
A poster for Robot of Sherwood, featuring the namesake robots, and some sort of… leaf design?

As continued readers of this blog may know, I’m not the biggest fan of the new Doctor Who. Sure, I really, really, really, like the 12th Doctor, but the past two (and also first two) episodes of this season haven’t been what I’ve wanted. They’ve been okay, in fact they’ve both been 7 out of 10s, which is just straining my “still good” side of the review spectrum. However, Doctor Who just hasn’t been the show to strain my review scale like it is now. But this week’s episode, Robot of Sherwood, changed everything.

This time around, it’s Clara’s choice. (and we all know how well Amy’s went) Clara’s actually goes pretty well, as she convinces the Doctor to take her back in time to meet Robin Hood. However, they quickly uncover a plot by the Sheriff of Nottingham, assisted by an army of robots, to take over the world. But the robots are using him just to repair their ship, and the Doctor must stop them before a malfunction destroys the country.

This episode didn’t really have me convinced that it was a good one. In the beginning, it was just silly, which I liked, but it didn’t make for a good episode. Then I realized what was really good about this episode. It was silly. The first two episodes had tried to be dark, and moody, and convince you that the Doctor was not entirely a good person. Which is fine, I do think that the Doctor should be in a gray area, as opposed to black and white. But, it was all poorly executed. In the future, I hope they have better episodes showcasing that gray area in the future, but for now, Robot of Sherwood was just what I needed to get me on board with the new season. 9 out of 10.

Instead of going for a darker tone (which is not something I’m really arguing with), this week’s episode decided to go for pure silliness and fun. Constant laughs are a good thing, no matter what kind of show you run, and even staked against the first two storylines, I’ll still consider this one a win. Tommorow, I might ask for a deeper and darker plot, but today, I’m good with Robot of Sherwood.


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