Link’s Blacklist Art of the Month: Wizzrobe (September 2014)

Wizzrobe (LA) (September 2014)
The Wizzrobe, from Link’s Awakening.

Hah! I finally got it right on the day! I’ll mark that down in the book as a win.

The Wizzrobe has been in many a game, but this particular piece is based off of their design from the first handheld Zelda game, Link’s Awakening.

Even though the Wizzrobe has been in 12 games, neither of them have been the ones that I currently own, though a few that I can get have the Wizzrobe in them. The point is, I haven’t fought him. I had to consult the Zelda Wiki to find out most of what I know about them.

Wizzrobes are more of ranged enemies, slinging spells at Link from a distance. However, Wizzrobes are invulnerable to swords in Link’s Awakening, meaning that Link must reflect their spells back at them.


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