“Not-So-Deep Breath” (Doctor Who: Deep Breath)

SHIELD, and the Doctor (S8 Deep Breath)
First, SHIELD agent Coulson, now the Doctor. Something’s going around.

You may not know, as I’ve only done two posts on the subject, but I am a considerably large fan of Doctor Who. The season 8 premiere was recently, so you know what I did, as a loyal fan, that night? Hung out at a friend’s house who had absolutely no interest in Doctor Who. We had an awesome time, though, so I was fine with the delay. Doctor Who season 8! Yeah!

A recently regenerated Doctor lands in Victorian London after being spat out by a large dinosaur, only to find that he really has no idea what’s going on. Clara, Vastra, Jenny, and Strax attempt to help him solve a mystery, after the dinosaur bursts into flames, but it seems that this new Doctor would prefer to go solo. When Clara finds him again, they both are faced with deadly clockwork machines who use humans as spare parts.

I have mixed feelings about this episode, but to clear things up, none of them have anything to do with Peter Capaldi. I quite liked him in the role, and while he’s not my favorite yet, there’s still time. However, the episode itself did not really do much for me. There were more than a few moments watch it where I thought: Huh? How did they jump to that conclusion? or: What? Where did they get that from? It wasn’t really all that I wanted from Capaldi’s first episode, but it was still pretty enjoyable. However, if that clockwork guy is going to become a recurring character, they have to give him a better name than “Half-Faced Man”. 7 out of 10.

Slightly confusing, with it’s fair share of strange moments, Deep Breath is not a perfect episode. It had all of the makings of a good and fun episode, but it was patchwork, and it didn’t reach it’s full potential. However, Peter Capaldi is great as the 12th Doctor, but the episode itself is not that. Interesting, but not great.


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