Link’s Blacklist Art of the Month: Darknut (August 2014)

Darknut (LoZ) (August 2014)
A Darknut, from the original Legend of Zelda

It seems that I’m just always late by default then, right? I was on vacation again. I really need to stop doing that, huh?

Anyway, (I would never stop going on vacation) for the month of August, I decided to bring in one of my favorite enemies to fight, the Darknut. This particular version is from the original Legend of Zelda, from 1987. I haven’t fought one of the original Darknuts, but I have in Twilight Princess, and they’re insanely fun.

Darknuts actually happen to be one of the hardest non-boss enemies in the game, and sometimes have more than one part to their fight. They have appeared in nearly every Zelda game, and as for the name, I’m assuming it’s a translating error.

Check out all of the art I’ve featured in a (super cool) gallery format on the Link’s Blacklist Art page.


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