Link’s Blacklist Art of the Month: The Skull Kid (July 2014)

Skull Kid (TP) (July 2014)
The Skull Kid, from Twilight Princess

I know! I know! I’m late again. I’ve been on vacation. Sorry.

The Skull Kid is one of the strangest Zelda characters. He has made an appearance in Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and Twilight Princess. Now, I haven’t yet played Ocarina or Majora, so I don’t really know much of what he does in those games, but I do know what he does in Twilight Princess.

Click on the picture to enlarge it! Trust me, it looks better that way.

In Twilight Princess, you encounter the Skull Kid twice, the first after you are cursed by Zant to stay as a wolf forever, and the second when you attempt to enter the Temple of Time. During your first encounter, you are stuck in wolf form. What you are trying to do is get to the middle of the Sacred Grove and recover the Master Sword, which will expel Zant’s curse, turning you human again.

The second time you meet the Skull Kid, you are a human again. (Though,you do now have the ability to change between human and wolf at will.) You have to make it through the Sacred Grove, to enter the Temple of Time and acquire the second of three shards of the Mirror of Twilight.

Honestly, this guy is not one of the crowning moments of Twilight Princess. His first appearance isn’t that fun (but you get the Master Sword afterwards), and even though meeting him again is better, there’s still that terribly hard puzzle with the statues before you enter the Temple of Time.

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