“Better Than I Could Have Expected” (Stargate)

Stargate (Poster)
The poster for Stargate, from 1994

I’ve been looking at this franchise for a while. With Star Wars dormant for the time being, I thought I could make it, but then my Star Trek schedule, Falling Skies, and my plans to watch Battlestar Galactica after Star Trek: The Next Generation kind of pushed it all back. Even if I liked it, Stargate comes with some baggage, like multiple sequels, and a long running spin-off TV show. What can I say? I’m a busy guy.

When ancient Egyptian technology is discovered by the US, scientist Daniel Jackson is called in to read the hieroglyphics on the artifact. What he finds astounds him. After unlocking the secrets of the artifact, translated as a Stargate, Jackson and the US government finds that it is actually a portal to other worlds, and the more they find, the more they believe that the Egyptians did not build the Stargate alone.

I finally got my chance on vacation, where I watched it my cousins. It was really cool. Probably one of the strongest points in the movie was how it blended together both the culture and technology of the aliens, and the Egyptian myth. It was really cool to see how the whole thing played out, as Stargate kept me guessing thorough it’s run time. 9 out of 10.

A science fiction movie that is sure to become a classic (if it isn’t already). The crown jewel of the movie is how it handles Ancient Egyptian Mythology, but everything else is just as good. If your a sci-fi fan who hasn’t seen Stargate, you should probably watch it, right now.


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