“The Next Next Generation” (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Season 1)

DS9 Season 1 (Poster)
A DVD poster for the first season of Star Trek: DS9

Finally! I got off of my Falling Skies marathon recently, and now, I have the chance to go back to Star Trek. Specifically, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine!

After the Bajoran people expel their Cardassian occupiers from the space station Deep Space Nine, the Federation is called in to help the fledgling Bajor stand on their own two feet, and keep the brutal Cardassians well away from the station. However, a uniquely stable wormhole is discovered near the station, and it may be harder than everyone thinks to get the Federation and Bajor to work together…

Coming into Star Trek: DS9, I wasn’t worried that it would be a bad show. The main thing that I was worried about was how DS9 would shape up in comparison to TNG, or The Next Generation. I love The Next Generation. It is one of the best thing that could have possibly happened to the Star Trek series. After watching the first season of Deep Space Nine, I think that it could be, possibly, TNG‘s worthy successor. 9 out of 10.

With awesome characters, old and new, cool (and some not so cool) episodes, and a much more contained feeling (which makes the constantly cool episodes seem all that more impressive), DS9 can, and hopefully will, be as good as Star Trek: The Next Generation.


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