“No Enterprise, Huh?” (Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit)

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit (Poster)
The poster for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, from 2014

I have a list of movies in my head that I would like to get around to watching. This may not come as a surprise to many of my constant readers (all 33 of them), as they should all know that I like lists. The newest Jack Ryan movie, Shadow Recruit, was pretty high on my list. Recently, I finally got the chance to do so.

Jack Ryan is an unimportant annalist for the CIA. When he uncovers a secret Russian plot to crash the US economy, and then follow with a terrorist attack on American soil, he must go to Moscow to stop the attack. But, tensions escalate when his wife follows him, and Jack finds that their enemy will stop at nothing to attain the next great depression.

I haven’t seen the first four or so Jack Ryan movies, but I was glad that didn’t matter. I’m not sure when this movie turns up in the timeline that I know nothing about, but it didn’t really matter. Moving on to the thing that I normally do, I thought that Shadow Recruit was… interesting. I mean, it was just typical espionage thriller flair. The action scenes, while done already, were cool, and the performances were great, but the whole movie just had been done before. All of Shadow Recruit‘s runtime was just a rehash. 6 out of 10.

If you’re looking for something flashy, new, or radically different from Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, then you’ll be disappointed. While solid, the movie barely did anything that we all hadn’t seen before. I would be interested in a sequel, so that the movie could have a chance to redeem itself, but I’m not sure if Shadow Recruit really deserves it.


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