“A Maze of a Good Book” (The Maze Runner)

The Maze Runner (Cover)
The cover for The Maze Runner, from 2006

I finished this book, The Maze Runner, a while ago, but a long and complicated post schedule pushed this puny draft all the way to the bottom. I made it my moral obligation to review the novel before the movie comes out, in August. Here it is!

When Thomas wakes up in the lift, all he can remember is his name. When he recovers his wits, he finds himself in a glade, full of teenage boys, like him. They’ve been trapped there for nearly two years, trying to solve a deadly puzzle known only as the maze, hoping that, one day, they’ll find an exit. But the entire Glade is put into uprest when the first girl arrives, bearing a message from the Creators. “She’s the last one. Ever.” Running out of food, water, and time, the boys must solve the maze before they all starve, or worse, are killed by the monsters that inhabit the maze.

It’s a trend in my typical reading style to read mysteries. Of course, though I do love the occasional espionage thriller, most of these mysteries come in the form of science fiction. Sci-fi seems to have an abundance of mystery, and not the typical “whodunit” type. Science fiction has more enticing, engrossing, and engaging mystery, in the case of The Maze Runner, the mystery is literally everything around Thomas. 9 out of 10.

Just like Thomas, the reader is given no information when they start James Dashner’s novel, and that makes the mysterious experience that The Maze Runner holds within its pages that much more real and engrossing.


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