“Skittering to #1” (Falling Skies: Season 1)

Falling Skies (Wallpaper)
A wallpaper from Falling Skies

It comes as no surprise that I’m a busy man. Actually, I’m lying. I really have nothing to do when it comes to the summer months. See, I don’t have time to just throw any random show into my intricate and well-planned Instant Streaming Guide all willy-nilly, now can I? I can’t. (I planned that whole list to accommodate the entire Star Trek TV canon, so I wouldn’t get any spoilers anywhere.) Someday I’ll post that as a page, for you guys, so you can follow along. Anyway, Falling Skies is the exception that proves this rule.

Skitters Hold The World
I don’t remember this from season 1, but It’s a cool picture anyway.

The Earth is reeling and still recovering six months after a ruthless alien attack, leaving human civilization in tatters. Tom Mason was a history teacher before, but now serves as second-in-command of the 2nd Massachusetts, one of the organized rebel militias, just finding their footing. On the run, and being pursued by Mechs and Skitters, who steal and enslave the human children, the humans must find a way to organize before they are wiped out. They don’t know what the aliens want with scrap-metal. They don’t know what the aliens want with their children. They don’t know what the aliens want with their planet. But, they do know one thing. The human race isn’t going down without a fight.

Me, adding Falling Skies into my complicated TV schedule shows just how much I wanted to watch this show. Did it disappoint? Nope. Before you ask, Falling Skies is one of those shows that makes you ask a ton of questions, but then gives you the answers at a tortuously slow pace. But still, I stuck through, and I saw it to the end of season 1. All of the characters are very realistically fleshed out, (I would hope so) and even the aliens are believable.

A Mech, alien technology

Speaking of aliens, there are a variety of them, contrary to classic sci-fi’s rendition of an alien invasion: one species of little green men. The 2nd Mass fights against Mechs, large fighting robots, Skitters, six-legged spider-like aliens, and they also get glimpses of another alien species, humanoid and fishlike in appearance, and with really long limbs. I still have no idea what these things are, but they seem to be calling the shots.

I try to work within one season when I watch something on Amazon or Netflix, meaning that if I’m watching season 6 of Star Trek: TNG and season 1 of Star Trek: DS9, then I can’t start season 7 of TNG until I finish season 1 of DS9. I have actually made an exception to my “one season at a time” rule, in order to finish the first three seasons of Falling Skies before the fourth season premiers on TV.

You know what that means? Falling Skies is my new favorite show. 9 out of 10.

Freshly imaginative and original, Falling Skies is an alien invasion show for the 21st century, taking all of the best elements of a classic space invaders story from the late 20th century, and expanding on them in new and interesting ways.

New episodes of Falling Skies return on June 22nd, on the TNT Network.


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