Link’s Blacklist Art of the Month: Levias (June 2014)

Levias (SS) (June 2014)
Levias, the Great Spirit of the Skies, from Skyward Sword

This time around, on my monthly series, I chose to showcase Levias, the Great Spirit of the Skies.

Bigger is better, right? Well, the picture gets bigger when you click on it, and therefore better.

Levias’s first (and only) appearance in the series is Skyward Sword, where he is a sky spirit, who lives in the Thunderhead. I really don’t know too much about this guy, because I haven’t gotten to the Fire Sanctuary, and I haven’t fought the Imprisoned again. Come on, guys. That would require beating Din’s Silent Realm, which is something that I don’t want to do.

While Skyward Sword is Levias’s first appearance, it has been theorized that Levias is related to the Wind Fish from Link’s Awakening.

Check out Levias and all of the other cool art on the Link’s Blacklist Art page.


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