“Hey, Look Over There! This Movie is Much Cooler!” (X2: X-Men United)

X2 X-Men United (Poster)
The poster for X2, from 2003.

The last X-Men movie was pretty good. So naturally, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the sequel. Well, after about a day or two of waiting, I rented it from the library. So, I basically totally loved X-Men, and immediately went rushing for the second one.

When a strange (yet totally awesome) mutant infiltrates the White House and nearly kills the President of the United States, the X-Men go on his trail. But, when William Stryker, a mutant hater and a ghost from Wolverine’s past attacks Professor X’s school, the X-Men must stop him from killing every human on Earth with his own homemade version of Cerebro.

The first X-Men movie was awesome. This movie just blew me away. It was so freaking awesome. The director, Bryan Singer, made a character that was cooler than Cyclops this time around, Nightcrawler. He was basically a super awesome blue guy in a super awesome trench coat, with super awesome teleportation powers. (He’s the one on the far right in the poster.)

Nightcrawler Being Awesome
Nightcrawler, the new coolest of the X-Men

The origins of Wolverine were explored more deeply as well, and I really enjoyed the fight between him and that weird talon hand lady. Of course, I also enjoyed Nightcrawler’s attack on the white house, Stryker’s attack on Professor X’s school, the airborne battle between two fighter jets and the Blackbird, and just the whole finale in Stryker’s base itself.

This movie is awesome. There are so many moments that make it awesome, I can’t even pin down one. Is it Iceman, and the funny situations he creates? Is it Nightcrawler? Is it Cyclops? Is is Wolverine’s backstory? Is is Patrick Stewart? (I do love Patrick Stewart). Was it that guy who was a total jerk but could still throw fire around like an awesome dude? Is it the X-Men teaming up with Magneto and Mystique? Is it Magneto and Mystique themselves? Is it Storm? Is is Rouge? Is it the really nice relationship between Rogue and Iceman?

Yeah, it’s all of that, and more. 9 out of 10.

Keeping the awesomeness of the original, while expanding upon it it newly awesome ways, X2 is a worthy (and better) sequel to the original X-Men movie, and one that I think is impossible not to enjoy.


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