“Pure Awesomeness” (The Dresden Files #7: Dead Beat)

Dead Beat (Dresden #7)
The cover for Dead Beat, from 2005.

If you read my review of Blood Rites (here) then you know that I’m a reasonably large fan of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. I’ve read seven of them so far (Dead Beat being the seventh) and I just recently rented the eighth, Proven Guilty, from the library, along with it X2: X-Men United. Anyway. I finished Dead Beat, and…

Harry Dresden is attempting to relax (though mostly unsuccessfully) when he receives an envelope in the mail from the Vampire Queen Mavra, who he thought he killed. Inside are incriminating photos of Harry’s friend Murphy, head of SI. In exchange for the photos, Mavra wants Harry to find her the word of Kemmler, which will allow her to ascend to God-hood on Halloween night. But, unluckily for Harry, six other necromancers are searching for the word, and a shot at being a God. It’s going to be a fun Halloween.

…It was awesome. I said before that Jim Butcher (the author) was a master of the climax, and would build each story up until the plot seemed as if it would explode. This is no exception. I was constantly wondering how Dresden would defeat the six necromancers, the Erkling, Mavra, and the Black Court.

Sue and Dresden
Harry, riding Sue into battle.

Anyway, by the end, all of the power in Chicago was out, the Erkling was running around killing people, all six necromancers were fighting, five Wardens were fighting back, there was a giant tornado of magical energy that was going to kill everyone if Harry didn’t stop it.

Do you know what Harry instantly did? He used necromancy to revive the dead body of Sue, the most famous T. Rex ever, and ride it into battle with Grevane. God, I love this series. 9 out of 10.

I love this series to pieces. It is ridiculously awesome, and the stakes just keep getting higher. I love every minute of it. Even now, I can see the world that Butcher has built expanding, as he builds the war with the Red Court to an exciting tipping point.


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