“It’s Like Godzilla. But 20 Times Over” (Pacific Rim)

The poster for Pacific Rim, from 2013
The poster for Pacific Rim, from 2013

Pacific Rim. I wanted to see this movie when it was in theaters, but bad reviews, life, and the price of general admission drove me away. Well, after a successful dip by the heel into the river Spiderman for my cousins, I traversed the world to get to their house, and then spend a half hour looking through their extensive DVD collection for Spiderman 2. After I couldn’t find it, I then voted to watch the Lord of the Rings, but we somehow ended up watching Pacific Rim instead. I’m still not sure how that happened.

In the near future, large Godzilla-like monsters known as Kaijus enter Earth through a rift deep under the Pacific Ocean. In the first year or so of the war, humanity was nearly wiped out. But, just as extinction seemed plausible, the Jaeger program was born. Jaegers (pronounced Yaygers), huge war robots that are specifically designed to kill Kaijus, turn the war around, and put the Kaijus on the defensive. But the Kaijus are getting stronger, and are now more resistant to the Jaeger weapons. The rift must be closed, or humanity will go extinct.

A Kaiju skeleton at sea
A Kaiju skeleton at sea

This was a very different movie. I really enjoyed the action, which was top notch, and the world-building was pretty cool too. I just think that Pacific Rim had so much untapped potential, that I have to bump it down a few points for that alone.
There were so many cool directions that it could have gone in. I really wish it had explained the story more from a people’s point of view, rather than just sticking with the point of view of its cliche Jaeger pilot.
Even the Kaijus, the star villains of the movie, seemed underdeveloped. Sure, they had tough names, and sure, they looked pretty cool, and sure, they were a CGI feat, but they lacked a certain spark of energy that the movie itself never really had to begin with. 6 out of 10.

Overall, Pacific Rim was an interesting movie. I definitely enjoyed the action, and the CGI was ambitious, but the plot lacked the energy and spark that I’ve come to expect from most movies these days. There was just something missing.


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