Link’s Blacklist Art of the Month: King Dodongo (April 2014)

King Dodongo (OoT) (April 2014)
King Dodongo, from Ocarina of Time

For the second monthly post, I chose to go with King Dodongo, a boss from Ocarina of Time.

Pro-tip: I recommend clicking on the picture to the left to get the enlarged version.

King Dodongo, or the Infernal Dinosaur, is the second boss in Ocarina of Time, and is found at the end of Dodongo’s Lair. The King has never reappeared in another Zelda game as a boss, but he is based off of normal enemies called Dodogos, which have been in the series since the original Legend of Zelda, from 1987, and is beaten in a similar way as other bosses in the series, like Scaldera from Skyward Sword.


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