“Spiderman Slings Higher” (Spiderman II)

Spiderman 2 (Poster)
The poster for Spiderman 2, from 2004

POP QUIZ! I told you in my review of Frozen, that I was “fresh out of Spiderman movies until next week and then May.” Well, guess what? It’s next week.

Peter Parker is just your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, until Dr. Otto Octavius comes along with a fusion reactor. After his four mechanical limbs that were going to help him complete the reactor get fused to his back and the inhibitor chip on them breaks, the AI inside the limbs takes him over. Dr. Octavius becomes the super villain Dr. Octopus, and, under the influence of the mechanical limbs, attempts to complete his fusion reactor, which will bury the city.

Let me just say one thing before getting all critical and picky. This movie is awesome. Seriously, I can say that Spiderman 2 is most likely better than the original. Rather than the campy yet still awesome Green Goblin, this time around, we have Doctor Octopus, the absolutely, completely, totally bad#ss dude with four mechanical multipurpose limbs. It is literally impossible to watch this movie and not wish that you had those for yourself.

Everyone of the actors seem much more comfortable in their roles, and the characters themselves seem much more fleshed out and better written. It also happens to have most likely, the best action sequence in a Spiderman movie (sorry Spiderman 3 finale). Which one am I talking about? Well, It’s not even the finale. It’s the train fight scene, where Spiderman fights Doctor Octopus on a moving train. Seriously, my mind was blown.

Train Fight (Spiderman 2)
Doctor Octopus vs. Spiderman, in one of the best scenes in the whole original trilogy.

This movie also held another message for Peter, as he momentarily lost his powers, and gave up being Spiderman for the time. Of course, a little Aunt May wisdom later, and Peter is back to being the hero. Plus, he also told Aunt May how Uncle Ben really died. That was such a sad scene, and another good one happened when Aunt May didn’t hold anything against him afterwards.

Anyway, back to the train fight scene. After Doctor Octopus successfully nearly killed everyone, and Spiderman successfully saved everyone, a wounded and unmasked Peter crowd-surfs to the middle of the train car. When everyone gets a good look at him, one man says what I think to be the best quote of the movie. “He’s just a kid. No older than my son.” This line begs the question, what did they really expect? A hero who wears a mask generally doesn’t show his face, so they would really never know, if all went according to Peter’s plans. It’s a very interesting thing to think about. What did each one of them really expect to see under that mask? 10 out of 10.

With better performances from the actors, better characterization, a better villain, better action, and a new philosophical message, Spiderman 2 is indisputably better than the first. I don’t care if you saw the original, (they give you some recap in the opening credits) do yourself a favor and see Spiderman 2 right now.


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