The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Dungeon Review (The Palace of Twilight)

Palace of Twilight
The overall outside area, from the Palace of Twilight. (From the Gamecube version.)

Now, as I was procrastinating from Skyward Sword for the moment, (go away, Silent Realm!) I thought that it would be a good idea to marathon my way through The Palace of Twilight in Twilight Princess. I told myself that I wouldn’t stop until I had defeated Zant. Guess what? I did.

Now, let me just say that the Twilight Realm does not disappoint. With crazy particle effects flying around everywhere, cool twilit versions of common enemies like Deku Babas, Keese and Kagaroks, and some cool puzzling aspects with Sols, Zant’s heads, and moving platforms of light, I really enjoyed the aesthetic of the dungeon, even though it kind of unnerved me.

Protip (ish): Try using the Horse Whistle indoors in the Palace of Twilight. It creates a really cool echo effect that adds to the already awesome sound of the whistle.

In this dungeon, there was no new item. I’m not really sure why. The dungeon was only four floors, as well, and the first floor was used for a bit of an opening quest. Of course, the dungeon rectifies that with the previously aforementioned opening quest. You had to enter each side of the dungeon, climb through three puzzling rooms, fight Phantom Zant, and then recover a Sol.

Sol Power (TP)
The Master Sword, being infused with the power of both Sols.

A Sol is “like a sun from our world” according to Minda, and you have to find two and take them back to the outside. Naturally, it’s a bit harder than that. As soon as you take the Sol from Zant’s Hand, the Hand will rise up and attempt to take the Sol from you. You have to run back through the three rooms and use the Sol (sometimes putting it down) to solve puzzles and escape to the outside. Seriously, my heart was pounding like I just came out of the Silent Realm.

After recovering both Sols, you can infuse the Master Sword with the power of light, turning your blade into the Light Sword, and making it able to keep the Shadow Fog at bay. For those who don’t know, Shadow Fog turns you into a wolf. I don’t like it. Of course, it was pretty fun to watch your sword light up like magic. But, when you found both Sols, and got into the actual dungeon, you had to navigate dangerous rooms with crazy puzzling aspects involving moving light platforms, light orb switches, and yes, more Sols.

Zant Concept Art
Concept art for Zant, from the game. (Just ignore the tongue up in the top-left)

Anyways, the final boss, Zant, was probably the best boss in the game, if not the best Zelda boss I’ve ever faced down. He had seven forms, where he fought you in six different boss arenas. One in the Forest Temple area, then in the Goron Mines mini-boss arena, then in the boss arena from the Water Temple, then in the arena where you fought Blizetta in the Snowpeak Ruins, and then the mini-boss arena from the forest temple, and then in a cool open air arena next to Hyrule Castle. He changed his tactics in each arena, and you had to use the items and strategies that you used in each arena originally.

He did tons of cool things as well, like firing off small purple energy balls like bullets out of a machine gun, turning to the size of a giant, attacking you with two swords at once, hiding inside his own heads underwater, jumping around, and shaking the arena like a madman. It was super fun to duck behind the pillars in the Forest Temple mini-boss room, avoiding the energy blasts that flew around the room at lightning speed. His fight wasn’t that hard, even. It was just pure entertainment.

Twilit Portal (TP)
I was greeted with this awesomeness the first six times I beat each one of his forms.

Zant, in my eyes, is a great villain. It makes me actually pretty sad the Ganondorf was added in. I mean, come on, it’s Ganondorf. He’s like, the Zelda villain. But, something about me feels like he’s really taking away from Zant, and his cool character, who seems like more of an interesting villain, and less one dimensional. 9 out of 10.


Overall,I really enjoyed the dungeon area in the Palace of Twilight, and even though I applaud the Sol sections for being creative and original, they were kind of stressful. But, to make up for that, the dungeon was small and not too tricky, and the final boss, the Usurper King, Zant, was top-notch, and in my opinion, one of the best in the game.


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