“Gonna Psych You Out in the End” (Psych: The Break Up)


Fist Bump Montage
Boom. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, and Boom. Wait for it… Alien Boom.

Shawn, unable to cope with his and Juliet’s long distance relationship any longer, decides to close down Psych. There’s only one problem. He has neglected to tell Gus, who’s just landed a job at a high quality firm, and has just scored a super cool new car. Shawn desperately tries to convey his feeling to his friends, as he tries to solve the Psych Agency’s final case.

This episode, in my opinion, was one of the best churned out in the entire series. It still doesn’t top Last Night Gus, but I think that The Break Up is the best series finale that the writers and actors could have possibly created. It closes things up, while also being another episode that holds it’s own throughout the ever expanding (well, not anymore) plethora of cases.

Shawn offered commentary throughout the episode, with wise words of wisdom like:

“That woman doesn’t need a partner. I’m not even sure if she needs a police department.”

“After all, it was you who held fast to the belief that we would find treasure, and horde it all for ourselves.”

He Can See Us
I have no excuse for this gif. I just love this moment so much.

There are a few really touching scenes wrapping up Shawn’s relationship with his father, and Shawn making really awesome goodbye scenes and distributing them on DVDs. Shawn’s dad got a cool scene, where he showed a few students who the real criminology expert was. Anyway, I loved how, in the end, Shawn’s DVD to Lassie was ripped apart, just as he was coming clean, and complimenting Lassie for being skeptical of his methods. I thought that was such a touching scene.

As I said before, I feel like this was more on the episode side of the spectrum, rather than having a cinematic finale feel to it. I really like that too, as it didn’t really take too long with mushy stuff, or lose it’s way with crazy and convoluted plot points (cough, cough A Nightmare on State Street).

One thing that I didn’t like was the explanation of Dobson. You know, the detective that Lassie was always yelling at off-screen? Well, it’s actually Val Kilmer. I’m going to come clean. I don’t really know who Val Kilmer is. Whoops. Technically, that’s my fault, but I’m going to complain anyway. I can say that Brannigan was pretty awesome in this episode, and she took McNabb under her wing! Yay, McNabb! Plus, Billy Zane! All I know about him was that he was in the certainly lackluster superhero movie The Phantom, from 1996.

The Greatest
Yes. Yes you are.

This time, they have a new car, one which apparently has two steering wheels. I’m still not sure that that’s possible. It’s technically stolen. But seriously, that was part of one of the best car chase scenes in the series, and it was also a deep metaphor for Shawn and Gus’s friendship. Every time they drove in it, they both tried to drive the car from their respective sides, and it resulted in a lot of very strange road swerving.

I congratulate Psych on going for eight long years, and making me laugh for the past three. You had a good long run, and you definitely made me a better person for watching you, Psych. You’re the best. Thanks for all the memories. 10 out of 10.

Overall, I loved The Break Up. I thought that it was funny, metaphorical, action packed, and psychic. It tied up a multitude of character arcs, had Shawn proposing to Juliet, and it had Shawn coming clean and admitting his methods to Lassie. After a turbulent eighth season, I honestly think that The Break Up was the best finale that Psych could have possibly come out with.

You Know That's Right


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