“Exceeding A Genre” (Frozen)

Frozen (Poster)
The poster for Frozen, from 2013.

Well, I have to say it. My parents, again, had another movie suggestion. This time, they wanted to watch Frozen. I never believed that I would say this, but I’m fresh out of Spiderman movies until next week, and then May. So, I had to go along with it. Booo.

For the past “well over three years”, Elsa and Anna, sisters, have been locked up in their castle. (Sort of.) Now, Elsa is getting coronated as the queen, and Anna is running around the kingdom and tripping over things. But, it seems are good friend Elsa is actually a Frost Giant. She accidentally covers the entire kingdom in ice, and Anna must help her reverse the effect.

"Frozen" Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven
Anna and Christoph, meeting Olaf the snowman

This movie was pretty good. I guess I liked it. I’m not much for musicals, (though for some reason I’ve seen Wicked twice) but, I guess this would be an exception. It had some cool musical numbers, though there were some logic problems. Like Christoph, saying that he wanted to help Anna bring back Summer so that he could save his ice running business. That made no sense. But, to be honest, I can’t really complain about a movie that isn’t that bad. 8 out of 10.

“Frozen” is a well lyricised (sometimes) and very cold adventure, featuring two very strong female leads. With some good comic relief from a cute little snowman, “Frozen” is a musical that is an exception to my distaste of the genre.


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