“The Slightly Less Amazing Spiderman” (The Amazing Spiderman)

The Amazing Spiderman (Poster)
The poster for The Amazing Spiderman, from 2012

Well, my parents had some more slightly uninteresting plans recently, so, myself and my sister being on a Spiderman high lately, found that, even though we would have to wait a week and a bit until watching Spiderman II or IIIThe Amazing Spiderman, Sony’s latest reboot was on Comcast’s On Demand. So, yeah, this post entitles more Spiderman.


Peter Parker, the constantly bullied high school student who excels at science comes across something when sneaking around a restricted area in the Oscorp Headquarters. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, he decides to fight crime after the death of his Uncle Ben at the hands of a petty shop robber. When Dr. Curt Conners of Oscorp tests out a regeneration serum on himself, attempting to regrow his lost arm, turns himself into the Lizard and terrorizes the city, it’s up to a new hero to rise up to the challenge and save the city from the Lizard’s sinister plan.

Sling! (Amazing Spiderman)
I honestly couldn’t find any other pictures that didn’t involve some sort of first person view, so I chose by the best background instead.

This was a reasonably good movie. I liked it, through I think the original, Spiderman, was better. It was much funnier, and didn’t take itself as seriously as the original, but I feel that in some respects, that isn’t a good thing. The Amazing Spiderman was good, action packed, funny, slightly believable, and just good fun. But, I think that it lacked the stakes of the original. Spiderman had a really deep philosophical message behind it, and a hero and villain who actually interacted and talked with each other. It really did feel to me like an actual experience. The Amazing Spiderman was just another movie. Albeit, a very good one, but still, just another movie. 8 out of 10.

Overall, I like the original better that this new reboot, which chose a plot bursting with more wit and fun than the first, but lacked the deep realism and high stakes that I really cherished from the original. Of course, that doesn’t stop it’s plan of winning over the movie go-ers with charm from totally working.


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