“Spiderman Slings High” (Spiderman)

Spiderman (Poster)
The cinematic poster for Spiderman, from 2002 (apparently early enough for a VHS copy)

Recently, my parents wanted to watch Saving Mr. Banks, that Disney movie about Mary Poppins. Now, to be honest, I did have a bit of interest to watch that with my parents, but instead of taking the effort to go downstairs, I decided to take a considerably smaller amount of energy and walk across the hall to my sister. We had three choices on Netflix. The slightly better than average Jack Reacher (my review here), Skyfall, the totally awesome movie that we both have watched a million times (we almost watched it three times in one day, but settled for just two), and Spiderman, everyone’s favorite hero to joke about. Pop quiz: Which do you think we watched? (The answer is in here somewhere).

Peter Parker, the creepy stalker who takes photographs for the school newspaper becomes a hero when one radioactive spider bite gives him the ability to become: The Human Spider! Oh, no wait, I mean: Spiderman! After Norman Osborn, creator of Oscorp, turns himself into the supervillain Green Goblin and terrorizes the city, it’s up to Peter and his newfound powers to stop him.

This movie was, surprisingly, very good. At a certain point, during the first battle between the Green Goblin and Spiderman, I realized that the fight was between two men, one in a red and blue bodysuit, and the other in bright green body armor with a goblin helmet. The I realized that the Green Goblin had multiple personalities, and was actually an awesome villain.

Blowing My Mind. And Spiderman's.
SURPRISE! This movie is awesome!

Seriously, this is true. Half of him is the Green Goblin, and the other half is Norman Osborn. The Osborn half has no idea that the other half is the Green Goblin. Some of the best scenes in the movie are of Osborn talking to the empty helmet of the Green Goblin, unknowingly, to himself. Another thing that I loved was that the movie didn’t take itself too seriously. Spiderman was surprisingly hilarious.

The movie took it’s time for Peter to don the costume, so I really was able to get to know the character, and care for him, as well as most of the other supporting cast, like Harry, Mary Jane, Aunt May, and Uncle Ben. (SPOILERS for a 12 year old movie coming up) Seriously, they did Uncle Ben’s death scene so well. I really cared about it, and it affected Peter so well, it wasn’t as if it existed in a vacuum, it really affected the story, and gave Peter his first chance at being a hero. 9 out of 10.

“Spiderman” was a surprising movie. I didn’t expect that much of it, and I’m sure that most movie-go-ers who weren’t associated with the character probably didn’t either. Of course, I can barely recommend it higher. If you’re a movie fan trying to get into superhero movies, start with “Spiderman”. You might be glad that you did.


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