“A Nightmare for Psych Street” (Psych: A Nightmare on State Street)

Alright. I watched the new Psych episode recently, and I absolutely hated it. Spoiler alert (but not really): it was pretty terrible. Most of the time, I had no idea what was going on, and it wasn’t actually that funny. I’m just going to warn you, I’m probably going to yell at this one a bit.

Dream Therapy
Gus perfectly encapsulates my feelings about this episode.

Gus has been having nightmares lately, and is going to dream therapy to attempt to rectify the problem. However, I’m not sure if this actually happened due to the episode randomly breaking out into sequences of the Zombie Apocalypse. (Upsides of the Zombie Apocalypse: It’s pretty fun to get your 6 year old cousin to say “Zombie Apocalypse”. Downsides of the Zombie Apocalypse: It makes for a pretty bad Psych episode.)

Anyway, I’m just going to tell you right now. I can’t really summarize this episode. I had no idea what was going on. There was no distinction between Gus’s dreams and real life. I have no idea if the episode even touched ground in reality! Shawn was using clues in “real life” that he got from Gus’s dreams, and this happened more than once! Though, I’m not sure if any of this actually happened!

One time, Gus wakes up from a dream, into another dream! (Upsides of a dream within a dream: It makes for a really cool Glitch Mob song. Downsides of a dream within a dream: It makes for a really bad Psych episode.) I can’t follow this weird convolution of an episode! Was there even a case to solve? I don’t know! Whatever piece of a case they had was so wrapped up in the crazy dream sequences and horror references.

“I knew we shouldn’t have legalized marijuana!”

– Carlton Lassiter, just before he’s dragged away by a horde of angry zombies

I would put up another picture corresponding to the episode, but I couldn’t find another one without zombies, so here’s a pineapple for old time’s sake.

I started watching this show when it had just started it’s sixth season. I watched the first episode on demand, and fell in love with the show. I watched the next episode, “Last Night Gus” (quite possibly the series best episode), and then streamed the first five seasons on Netflix as fast as I could. When the series started out, it was all clear cut. Shawn was the goofy let somehow skilled one, while Gus was his rock, who brought things to the table that no one knew. Gus was an honorable character, and he was Shawn’s capable and trusted friend. Flash forward to season 8, and Gus is a whining crybaby who can’t open his eyes for over 5 seconds without sobbing or screaming. Gus’s character is the screamer, and Shawn’s is the rock.

Though, Shawn is still trying to be the goofy yet somehow skilled one, while also being a rock for Gus, which doesn’t work. Gus now brings nothing to the table. Shawn used to blank out and be the idiot sometimes, and Gus would contribute the valuable piece of information. Gus was central to the operation. Now, they could leave Gus on the side of the road and still solve the case. They don’t need him! Shawn and Gus have a partnership with only one person.

I’m not a fan of horror movies, or just horror in general. I don’t like to see my favorite “buddy cop” show get ruined by the horror genre. I want to laugh, not hide behind my pillow. This would be 50% okay if Shawn was reacting too, but it’s only Gus! Shawn is cool as a cucumber, while Gus is breaking down.

Also, I don’t care at all for Detective Brannigan. She is, to me, a replacement for Juliet, and not funny. She brings nothing to the table, except for beating the Psych agency to the punch twice. There was an elongated death scene for her in one of Gus’s dreams, and I was thinking to myself: What? am I supposed to care? We don’t need her! You have three episodes left, and you have four options.

  • A: Have Juliet leave in, like, a month, and therefore keep her for the rest of the series,
  • B: Keep Juliet permanently, and have the chief leave (because you see the chief so little now, she’s not really an important character anymore), giving Lassie his chief-job, and Juliet her head-detective-job,
  • C: Have Juliet leave with the chief, and leave Lassie undecided on a new head-detective for the next three episodes,
  • D: Throw out Juliet with three episodes left, and bring in totally bland new character that nobody cares about, who’s only going to be there for three episodes anyway.

And Emanuel? Seriously? The pretending blind lady from “Cogblocked”? Is Gus still stuck on her? He wasn’t stuck on her at all in the previous episodes, and I didn’t see any real chemistry between the two in the first place! If he wants to cry over a girl, it should be Rachel! You know, the star of a totally not prematurely-and-stupidly-ended love story with Gus, who, after nearly 8 seasons of trying, finally found a girlfriend but lost her with break-up cookies?

This is a comedic show. It’s supposed to be funny, yet I barely laughed. You can’t have a comedic show that’s not funny. It just doesn’t work. You’re not only disappointing your viewers that come to laugh, you’re lying to them as well. Though, all of that being said, there was one or two jokes that stood out in between all of the zombie madness, and it did have an interesting message behind it. Gus needs Shawn. Of course, you almost forgot about this message, as it was buried under a whole lot of horror movie crap. 2 out of 10.

Overall, “A Nightmare on State Street” was a bland, terribly paced, unnecessarily scary, and confusing episode that completely degraded the character of Gus. The entire episode seemed to be Gus screaming, a far cry from the strong character he was in the earlier seasons. I’m not afraid to call this episode the worst of the entire series.


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