Top 10 Best Episodes of Star Trek: TNG Season 4

It took me a second, but I finally finished season 4 of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Honestly, I’m telling you, these seasons just keep getting better and better. Then, following that belief, I could infer that this season was the best yet. Though, I could also figure that out by just watching it. Which I did. There are 26 episodes in the fourth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation, so 16 episodes will be left out.

Barclay the Computer (S4 The Nth Degree)
Lt. Barclay, as the living embodiment of the Enterprise’s computer.

10. The Nth Degree

After getting blasted by a strange alien probe, the shy and reclusive Lt. Barclay (Hollow Pursuits, from season 3) receives a large boost in confidence and acquires a nearly unlimited supply of knowledge. The Nth Degree was a very strange episode. It was welcome, though, and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. (Ep. 19 of 26)

9. Galaxy’s Child

An esteemed Federation scientist famed for her work with starship engines comes aboard the Enterprise-D to inspect Geordi’s work on the Enterprise‘s own warp engines. However, things get complicated when Geordi falls in love with her. Galaxy’s Child was a bit of a sweet episode, and it further solidified Geordi’s bad luck, as he seems to not be able to hold a stable relationship. (Ep. 16 of 26)

8. Qpid

Captain Picard is scheduled to give an introductory lecture on the ancient ruins on Tagus III, to kick off the Federation Archaeologist’s Council’s annual symposium, hosted aboard the Enterprise. But, it seems Q has other plans. (Ep. 20 of 26

There's Still Time (S4 Identity Crisis)
Geordi, mostly transformed into an alien life form.

7. Identity Crisis

A while back, before Geordi was posted to the Enterprise, he was on an away team, investigating the disappearance of a remote Federation colony. Now, most of the members of that away team have disappeared as well, having a distinct need to return to the planet. Now, the only ones left are Geordi and his friend, Leijten, who must solve the mystery before they too return to the planet below. This was a very dark episode, and I really loved it. I was quite literally on the edge of my seat, trying to figure out the mystery before Geordi. (Ep. 18 of 26)

6. Night Terrors

The Enterprise-D the missing USS Britain, but Deanna senses turmoil and violence with the life forms on board. Soon the Enterprise looses power and drifts, dead through space. Soon, the horrors that transpired aboard the Britain begin to happen on the Enterprise. Aside from a few really strange and awkward scenes with Troi floating through space, I really liked the tension and turmoil in this episode. (Ep. 17 of 26)

5. First Contact

Riker is placed undercover on a primitive planet, to observe their culture. Surgically operated on to look like one of the locals, he is soon discovered, and the planet’s government panics, as a real live space-alien is revealed in their midst. I liked First Contact a lot. I feel like it was very reminiscent of what the governments of Earth would react like. (Ep. 15 of 26)

Unconcious Crew (S4 Clues)
I always loved this shot. I don’t really know why. I guess it just made me laugh.

4. Clues

The Enterprise crew passes through a wormhole, and is led to believe that they were unconscious for a mere 30 seconds. Soon, they uncover clues that they weren’t asleep for only 30 seconds, and they find a powerful force at play. Clues had some cool centering on Data, and I really liked the less-than-linear plotline, which kept me guessing. (Ep. 14 of 26

3. Devil’s Due

Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise must deal with a distress call from a Federation outpost, and must also deal with a woman who claims to be the physical manifestation of the Devil. Devil’s Due was a very tricky episode. I liked it, and I did like the mystery shrouding the entire episode. (Ep. 13 of 26)

Bubble Universe (S4 Remember Me)
Dr. Crusher, being sucked through a gap in the bubble universe.

2. Remember Me

Doctor Crusher panics when she finds that she and the Enterprise-D is experiencing a universe-wide deadly phenomenon. People are disappearing, the universe is collapsing, and it’s up to the Crusher’s to stop it. As this episode is earlier on in the season, you might find it forgettable, but I certainly don’t. I thought that it really solidified the relationship between Dr. Crusher and Wesley. (Ep. 5. 26)

1. The Best of Both Words: Part II

With Captain Picard assimilated as Locutus of Borg, and Acting Captain Riker attempting to destroy his former captain, the Borg make a daring move on the Federation. The battle of Wolf 359 is about to begin, and no one in the Alpha Quadrant is safe. The epic conclusion to the two-part finale of season 3 has the Borg running around and blowing stuff up. I love this episode, and while part one was undeniably stronger, that doesn’t stop The Best of Both Worlds: Part II from rising to the top. (Ep. 1 of 26)

Honorable Mention: Redemption: Part I

Both Worf, the dishonored Klingon serving in Starfleet, and Captain Picard, the Arbiter of Succession for the Klingon High Council, must decide where their loyalties lie when the Duras Family stirs the Klingon Empire into a civil war. This episode wasn’t really my favorite, as you can see. Though, it did have such a good cliffhanger at the end that I just had to mention it. Very honorably.


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