“Like a Sad Version of the Avengers” (Psych: A Touch of Sweevil)

Shawn and Gus must turn their usual tone of ridiculous to an ELEVEN.

I really can’t seem to get these Psych episode reviews done in a timely fashion, can I? Anyway, after my spirits have been raised by Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up, I was very excited to watch this weeks episode, A Touch of Sweevil. Did I like it? Yes, I did.

Shawn and Gus are finally invited to a televised conference on the paranormal that Shawn has been trying to get into for the past three years. Of course, the exact year that they are invited, the host dies on stage, poisoned. All who were present are suspects. Though, in the meantime, Lassie has picked up a new head detective, pre-decided by the mayor.

“So let’s unite! Like a… sad version of the Avengers!”

– Shawn, commenting on how the group of “supernatural experts” should team up to solve the crime

I really enjoyed this episode. I thought that it was funny, smart, twisty, and overall, just good fun. I enjoyed it, possibly even more than the previous one, and I hope you do too. It might not be my absolute favorite this season, but A Touch of Sweevil stands out. 7 out of 10.

Overall, I enjoyed A Touch of Sweevil. I thought that it really showed me that Psych is on the right path, for now. A Touch of Sweevil was everything that I love about Psych, and I’m proud to say it.


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