Link’s Blacklist Art of the Month: Silent Realm Guardian (March 2014)

Silent Realm Guardian (SS)
A Silent Realm Guardian from Skyward Sword

In tribute of a really awesome art project I found online, Link’s Blacklist, I decided to post a picture from the ever expanding collection each month.

For those who don’t know, Link’s Blacklist is an art project featuring over 80 artists from around the world, who dedicated themselves to drawing all of the enemies from the Zelda Games. ‘Cause, you know, drawing Link and Zelda for the millionth time is boring.

For the month of March, 2014, I bring you one of my favorites, (not actual enemy-wise, I really hate this guy in reality), a Guardian from the Silent Realm, currently only featured in Skyward Sword.

Protip: The picture doesn’t look too impressive now, but it enlarges very well, so click on it, and enjoy it’s full glory.



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