Top 7 Best Episodes of Firefly

Well, next on my unreasonably large TV list is Joss Whedon’s Firefly. There is absolutely only one thing that I don’t like about this show. It was cancelled early (WHY?) and there are only 14 episodes. Through these 14 diverse and awesome episodes, I came to love the world that was created in this show, and the crew of the Serenity. There are 14 episodes in Firefly, so 7 episodes will be left out.

7. The Message

The crew receives a large package in the mail, but it turns out to be one of Mal and Zoe’s fellow soldiers from the war. It turns out that he’s carrying a very valuable cargo inside him. This offered some interesting insight into the war, and I liked the character that they introduced. (Ep. 12 of 14)

Shindig Poster
A fan made poster for Shindig

6. Shindig

While hoping to work out a smuggling deal, Mal attends a elegant social gathering. Though while attempting to defend Inara, he offends his host and is challenged to a sword fight. This episode, while being slightly ridiculous, was enjoyable, due to the sword fight near the end, and Mal’s lack of sword skills. (Ep. 4 of 14)

5. War Stories

Mal and Wash attempt to initiate a deal on the medicine they recently stole, but when it all goes south, they find themselves captives of Niska, who has a bone to pick with the two of them. War Stories, while intense, could be pretty funny at times, and offered some bonding for Mal and Wash. (Ep. 10 of 14)

Prepare for the Deal
Mal, Zoe , and Jayne, preparing for a deal

4. Serenity

Mal, captain of the spaceship Serenity, takes on passengers for transport, as they haven’t had a job in a while. It seems that all of the passengers have their secrets to keep, and the tensions run high on the small ship. The series pilot is top notch, and it introduces all of the likable characters in a good way. (Ep. 1 of 14)

3. Objects in Space

As night falls on the spaceship Serenity, and all of the crew goes to sleep, a bounty hunter hired by the Alliance and bent on apprehending and capturing River boards the ship and takes the crew off guard. The series finale, Objects in Space is unrivaled in suspense, and it has an intriguing villain, one that I really enjoyed. (Ep. 14 of 14)

2. Ariel

Simon surprises the crew with a job of his own, sneaking into a hospital, stealing expensive medical supplies, and using the medical equipment to diagnose River. Of course, Jayne has another plan. I really liked the focus on the relationship between Simon, River, and Jayne in this episode, and it had a pretty awesome premise. Plus, the Alliance is actually a formidable enemy now. (Ep. 9 of 14)

Opening Serenity
Mal shows the Serenity to a skeptical Zoe

1. Out of Gas

The Serenity floats dead in the water after a fire on board, and with limited air left, the crew leaves behind Mal, who intends to go down with the ship. But when he is shot by would-be rescuers, he must fend off his attackers and repair the ship, while recalling how he got the ship in the first place. The insight into the beginning of how the crew all got together was pretty awesome, and this was overall, a very enjoyable episode. (Ep. 8 of 14)


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