The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Dungeon Review (The Temple of Time)

Well, I marathoned a bit more, and got to the Temple of Time. This dungeon was located in the Sacred Grove, so you had to chase the Skull Kid around a lot more (though thankfully as a human) until you actually got to the Door of Time, which you used to enter the Temple. This actually calls forth a little bit of a cool mechanic, utilizing time travel to enter the temple, which was ruined when you first get to it in the Sacred Grove.

Temple of Time (TP)
The original entrance to the Temple of Time

This dungeon, for me, was very tedious. I actually made it to the door leading to the Boss’s Lair, but I couldn’t get in because I didn’t have the Big Key. I had to then run through the entire temple again, and find that one place that I thought I saw that Spinner Rail. There were lots of puzzles, and the dungeon had no mercy with them, making you repeat them again and again.

One thing that I did like about the dungeon was the feel of it. Like I said in my review of the Snowpeak Ruins, I’m normally used to clambering through dangerous and deadly areas, normally dark, with an abundance of enemies and traps. This time, I was running through a castle-like structure, with sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows.

Darknut (TP)
A Darknut, the mini-boss guarding the Dominion Rod

Another plus for the dungeon was the mini-boss, a Darknut (Darknut?), which is basically a huge and super powered knight. I had a lot of fun fighting it, despite being a bit nervous, as a Darknut was being set up as one of the hardest non-boss enemies in the game. After fighting the Darknut, you got one of my new favorite items, the Dominion Rod.

The Rod allows you to take control of lifeless statues and have them follow your every move. Another plus was that the statues had enormous destructive power, and if I couldn’t get past something, I would just smash it with the statue. Also, like the Arbiter’s Grounds and Snowpeak Ruins, the Temple of Time was less than linear. You had to find a statue identical to the one at the beginning of the dungeon, and lead it down into it’s rightful place, before you enter the Boss’s Lair.

Armogohma (TP)
Armogohma, the final boss for the Temple of Time.

The Boss, Armogohma, was a gigantic spider who bears a striking similarity to Gohma, from Ocarina of Time.  She ran up the walls, you shot her in the eye (the eye? So original!), she fell, and you smashed her underside with a gigantic freaking statue. Most Twilight Princess bosses seem to be more bark than bite, though that doesn’t mean that they’re not super cool.

This dungeon was a very good one, and the similarities to Ocarina of Time just keep coming. In fact, Twilight Princess is considered by most to be a spiritual sequel to Ocarina of Time. The Temple of Time was not my favorite dungeon. It was long, tedious, and thumb cramping. Of course, there were tons of other things, like the Dominion Rod and the Darknut that really saved the dungeon in my eyes.  6 out of 10.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

The Temple of Time

Item Acquired: the Dominion Rod

Final Boss: Twilit Arachnid, Armogohma


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