Top 10 Best Episodes of Star Trek: TNG Season 3

After marathoning Star Trek: TOS, I had to finish the third season of The Next Generation. I honestly like TNG more than TOS, so the whole reason I finished The Original Series early was to be able to marathon TNG and finish the season. So, without further ado, the top 10 best episodes of Star Trek: TNG Season 3. (There are 26 episode in season 3 of TNG, so 16 will be left out.)

10. Sarek

The Enterprise crew takes the legendary Vulcan ambassador Sarek on board, who is scheduled to talk with the reclusive Legarans. But tensions are running high on the ship, and Sarek seems to be in the middle of it. This was an interesting episode. It was very funny, and made me laugh a lot. But at the end, there was this amazing scene with Picard and Dr. Crusher. Since I started this series, I’ve always liked Patrick Stewart, but I have a new found respect for him after watching that scene. (Ep. 23 of 24)

Landing Party (S3 The Enemy)
A landing party consisting of Riker, Geordi, and Worf.

9. The Enemy

Left by his crew members on a deadly and storm plagued planet, and presumed dead by the Enterprise crew, LaForge must join forces with a Romulan warrior to make it to safety. The Enemy was a very ambitious episode, in my eyes. The planet, dark and stormy, must have taken great care to make a set for, and it really transformed the Romulans into something more than senseless killers. (Ep. 7 of 26)

8. Allegiance

Kidnapped by mysterious captors who refuse to show themselves, Captain Picard is held with three other aliens, and is replaced by an impostor aboard the Enterprise. I really liked this episode, because it was sort of like a mystery, and I had fun trying to figure it out. (Ep. 18 of 26)

Apgar Destroyed (S3 A Matter of {Perspective)
Dr. Apgar’s station is destroyed, supposedly by Riker.

7. A Matter of Perspective

Riker is accused of murdering respected scientist Dr. Nel Apgar and seducing his wife, but Captain Picard and the rest of the crew are convinced he didn’t do it. A Matter of Perspective was also kind of a mystery. The prosecutor and defense each played out different scenarios in the Holodeck, and only one of them was the truth. (Ep. 14 of 26)

6. Captain’s Holiday

Captain Picard attempts to take some much needed rest in a resort, but he is soon caught up in a game of interplanetary espionage. This was a cool episode, and it had a lot of rotating elements in it that all seemed to come together. (Ep. 19 of 26)

The Collector (S3 The Most Toys)
The collector who kidnaps Data in The Most Toys

5. The Most Toys

After a staged accident involving a shuttle craft from the Enterprise, Data is kidnapped by an eccentric galactic collector, and the as Data attempts escape, the Enterprise crew scours the galaxy. This is one of my favorite episodes that focuses on Data, and it provided some insight into his character. (Ep. 22 of 26)

4. Tin Man

A mysterious sentient creature is hovering in orbit around a star that is about to go Supernova. The Federation sends a representative from Betazed to try to make contact, as the Romulans make preparations of their own. This episode was the first in my marathon, meaning it really got me back into the swing of TNG. (Ep. 20 of 26)

Celebration! (S3 Deja Q)
Q celebrates being all powerful again.

3. Deja Q

The ever mysterious Q returns, stripped of his powers, and completely Human, he must adjust to life aboard the Enterprise, and prove his worth to Picard. Yet another enjoyable Q episode, this one also featured a cameo from Corbin Bernson (Shawn’s dad on Psych) (Ep. 13 of 26)

2. Yesterday’s Enterprise

A time shift brings the Enterprise-C into the current timeline, and places the federation at war with the Klingons. Soon, Picard must ask the crew of the Enterprise-C to go back, facing certain death, to have a chance at saving both timelines. Yesterday’s Enterprise was a pretty awesome episode. It was smart, suspenseful, sad, and most importantly, it made amends for Tahsa Yar’s “meaningless” (I have to, mostly, agree) death in season 1’s Skin of Evil. (Ep. 15 of 26)

Locutis of Borg
Captain Picard addresses the Enterprise, as part of the Borg collective.

1. The Best of Both Worlds (Part 1)

The viscous Borg return, and they have one demand. They want Captain Picard. As the Borg’s plan begins to unfold, Picard is taken captive, and the Borg approach Earth, it seems that there is no longer any hope for humanity. Wow. This episode is my favorite in the series, and the cliffhanger at the end is the best, up there with Sherlock and The West Wing. I cheated, and watched the next episode instantly, but I can only imagine waiting for the next season to find out what happened. (Ep. 26 of 26)


“Mr. Worf. Fire.”

– Acting Captain Riker, ordering Worf to fire on the Borg ship


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Episodes of Star Trek: TNG Season 3

    1. Oh, well, this is just a top 10 for season 3. If I ever did a top 10 of the entire series (which is a great idea, by the way), those would definitely be on it!

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