Top 10 Best Episodes of Star Trek: TOS Season 3

This is it! I finally finished the much beloved series that I started last Summer. Pretty crazy, right? I know. If you haven’t caught the memo yet, I’m talking about Star Trek! Yes, the originals. The third and (tragically) final season is now under my belt. I can’t stop my countdown habit now, can I? There are 24 episodes in Season 3 of Star Trek: TOS, so 14 episodes will be left out.

Stratos in the Clouds
The cloud city of Stratos, flying high.

10. The Cloud Minders 

Kirk and Spock encounter a revolution, taking place on a Utopian city in the sky. This isn’t on the list for it’s story, really, the story kind of confused me, but I mostly liked the idea, and the setting. (Ep. 21 of 24)

9. Let That Be Your Last Battlefield 

Two strange alien beings, their planets dead, pull the Enterprise crew into their long and dangerous feud. Again, this wasn’t really for the story, but mainly for the last couple of minutes. The two aliens were chasing each other through the Enterprise, while images of their planet, burning, kind of faded in and out of the screen, and the two aliens realized that they had let their planet die because of a stupid argument. That really hit me with an emotional punch. (Ep. 15 of 24)

8. The Mark of Gideon 

Kirk beams on to an alternate version of the Enterprise, where all of it’s halls are deserted, and 429 crew members are left unaccounted for. This episode had the concept for me, but not really the story. This seems to be a recurring theme in the Star Trek world for me. (Ep. 16 of 24)

Surrounded (Remastered)
A remastered version of the Enterprise, surrounded by Klingon Warships.

7. The Enterprise Incident

Without provocation, Kirk sends the Enterprise past the neutral zone and into Romulan space. Unbeknownst the rest of the crew, he is actually on a top secret mission from Starfleet. The Enterprise Incident had the story for me, finally. (Ep. 2 of 24)

6. The Lights of Zetar 

The Enterprise encounters strange alien life when the crew is en-route to install new equipment on Memory Alpha, a galactic library run by Starfleet. I liked the scope of this episode, and it taught me why the official Star Trek wiki is called Memory Alpha. (Ep. 18 of 24)

To the Death
Kirk faces a Klingon in a duel to the death.

5. Day of the Dove

A strange alien entity traps both the Enterprise crew and the crew of a dying Klingon warship on an eternal war on board the Enterprise. With swords! This episode was one of the weird ones that really grows on you. In the end, I enjoyed it’s pure ridiculousness. (Ep. 7 of 24)

4. Turnabout Intruder 

Kirk is forced to switch bodies with an old acquaintance, Janice Lester, who wants to captain a starship, but can’t because of a stupidly sexist rule put in place by Starfleet. This was an interesting episode, but it didn’t explain much, and sometimes I thought about it too much, and got confused. (Ep. 24 of 24)

3. All Our Yesterdays

Kirk, Spock, and Bones beam down to a planet orbiting a star that’s about to Supernova, and they all get caught inside different time streams. This, in my opinion, should have been the season (and therefore series) finale. It was smart, engaging, and touching, when you see how each character won’t give up on trying to escape the time they’re trapped in. (Ep. 23 of 24)

The Truth is... I am Abraham Lincoln.
The truth is… I am Abraham Lincoln.

2. The Savage Curtain

Kirk, Spock, legendary Vulcan ambassador Sarek, and Abraham Lincoln must fight to the death against four other ruthless villains from history. First of all, I was mostly in it to see Abraham Lincoln beat some people up, and I was not disappointed. Oh, and there was also some good social commentary in there too. (Ep. 22 of 24)

1. Spectre of the Gun 

The Matrix! Oh, Wait, Just Star Trek.
If you believe that the bullets aren’t there, then they won’t be!

As a punishment for trespassing upon their space, an advanced alien civilization condemns Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, and Chekov to reenact the legendary gunfight at the O.K. Corral, playing the part of the losers. This episode had really great suspense and an awesome atmosphere to it, and it felt a little like The Hunger Games, considering the landing party was trapped within invisible boundaries and forced to fight, and quite possibly die. (Ep. 6 of 24)


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