The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Dungeon Review (The Earth Temple)

Earth Temple Main Chamber (SS)
The second half of the main chamber in the Earth Temple.

I consider myself a fan of the Legend of Zelda video games series. Admittedly, I only own Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword, but I’m working on getting more. Those two games are definitely the best that I own. I’ve gone through a number of dungeons through my adventures, (I’ve completed six to be exact)  but I haven’t talked about them on this blog. I have just recently finished the Earth Temple from Skyward Sword, so I though that it would be a good idea to talk about it.

Earth Temple Map (SS)
The full map of the Earth Temple, from Skyward Sword.

You reach the Earth temple after running around Eldin Volcano, talking to some Mogmas, and finding pieces to the key to the door to the Earth Temple itself. When I entered the temple, the first thing I noticed was probably the similarities between it and the Goron Mines, from Twilight Princess. The second thing I noticed was the music theme. I love this theme. I would just walk back into the dungeon if I had to, just to hear the theme again. It was so catchy, and it really got stuck in my head. It was the first time that I really noticed and payed attention to a dungeon theme.

I also enjoyed the ball rolling mechanic, and I liked how I used the toggle on the Nunchuck to move, as I was afraid that I would move around by balancing the Wii Remote, like in those super challenging levels in Super Mario Galaxy 2. I always hated those. That was pretty good, considering a lot of the level was spent rolling around on the lava.

A picture of Scaldera, the dungeon’s boss.

It was also the dungeon where you got the bombs, and the mini boss fight where you found them was very informal, just like Skyview Temple’s. in Twilight Princess, you got a formal announcement, a large, threatening boss, and an interesting cutscene afterwards. For this one, I just walked into the room, fought a few Lizalfos, and claimed my prize. I really liked this quick and simple approach to a mini boss fight, though I still enjoy the more dramatic feel of Twilight Princess’s mini bosses.

I also enjoyed the boss too, and the part just after finding the Dragon Sculpture (the key that grants access to the boss arena) had you running away from a gigantic boulder, Indiana Jones style. The whole boss arena was a straight hill, where Scaldera would run up and down, and open it’s mouth at certain places. Throwing a bomb in was exceptionally fun, and then slashing at it’s eye. Now that I think of it, eyes are a pretty big weak point in a lot of Zelda bosses. Anyway, I thought Scaldera was a cool and original boss, and I enjoyed fighting it.

Lizalfos (SS)
A Lizalfos, an enemy inside the Earth Temple.

This dungeon also broke my superstition with Temples. Every Temple that I entered, I hated. The Forest Temple, and the Lakebed Temple from Twilight Princess, and Skyview Temple from Skyward Sword. My favorite dungeons tended to be the one’s with cool and original names, like the Goron Mines, the Arbiter’s Grounds, and Snowpeak Ruins. All in all, a great dungeon, and I’d like the Earth Temple (not Skyview Temple) to set the standards for the rest of Skyward Sword8 out of 10.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

The Earth Temple, in the Eldin Volcano Area

Item Acquired: Bomb Bag

Final Boss: Scaldera, the Pyroclastic Fiend


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