“Someone’s Got a Good Episode…” (Psych: Someone’s Got a Woody)

Satchel Gizmo and Soup Can Sam
The triumphant return of Satchel Gizmo and Soup Can Sam!

Three for four! Psych is back on track! Well, maybe. Hopefully. I was going into this episode with low yet hopeful expectations, given last week’s episode, Cloudy… With a Chance of Improvement. I was not disappointed. Someone’s Got a Woody was fun, classic, and most importantly, it didn’t take itself too seriously.

Shawn and Gus haven’t had a case in a long time, and they’re starting to get desperate. That’s when a man walks into the morgue of the SBPD and takes Woody hostage. Soon enough, Trout wants to take out the criminal, putting Woody’s life in danger. Of course, Shawn and Gus pursue another lead, one that suggests that the criminal holding Woody was framed.

“Do you still have your half of the beard?”

– Shawn, asking Gus about Satchel Gizmo’s half of the beard

This was a pretty awesome episode, and I’ll definitely be rewatching it when it comes out on Netflix. Above, in my opening paragraph, I mentioned that this episode was classic. I think I’ll make you guys a list, because I like lists, and so can you.

Reason Why This Episode is a Classic:

  • The return of Soup Can Sam and Satchel Gizmo (see above)
  • A hostage crisis, like Gus Walks Into a Bank…
  • The good old “go-to-talk-to-a-witness-but-the-witness-turns-out-to-be-dead” trick (“Ya got me!”)
  • Woody!
  • Framery
  • And convicted felons

I really enjoyed this episode. Though I thought it would have been cool if they brought back Commander Lutz from Gus Walks Into a Bank… That would have been pretty cool. But otherwise, nearly flawless. 7 out of 10.

“Someone’s Got a Woody”

Psych: Season 8, Episode 4

Starring: James Roday, Dulé Hill, and Kurt Fuller


2 thoughts on ““Someone’s Got a Good Episode…” (Psych: Someone’s Got a Woody)

  1. I have, but the review is going slow. I have a lot of actual things to do in life, and a few other posts that are backed up, not to mention I got sick recently. But I plan to have it out soon. Thanks for reading!

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