Top 10 Best Episodes of Star Trek: TNG Season 2

Alright! So, I finished season 2 of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Now I’d like to review them, to see which episodes are the best, through my eyes. There are 22 episodes in the second season of The Next Generation, so 12 episodes will be left out.

10. The Schizoid Man

The Enterprise answers a distress call form Dr. Ira Graves, who is widely considered to be the greatest mind in the universe. On his deathbed, Graves hatches a plan for immortality. The Schizoid Man was an interesting episode, and I liked the focus on Data, one of my favorite characters. (Ep. 6 of 22)

Thadiun Okona (S2 The Outrageous Okona)
Thadiun Okona, looking outrageous

9. The Outrageous Okona

The crew of the Enterprise rescues Captain Okona, the commander of a broken and run-down vessel. After the rescue, they realize that they have trapped themselves in a dispute between two warring factions. In this episode, I really liked the character of Okona, and he made for a very interesting story. (Ep. 4 of 22)

8. The Icarus Factor

Riker is overjoyed when her is offered a promotion to captain of the USS Aries, but he is soon angry when it is his estranged father who is sent to prepare him for his command. I liked learning more about Riker in this episode, and there was a cool action scene near the end. (Ep. 14 of 22)

Mute Ambassador (S2 Loud as a Whisper)
The ambassador, from Loud as a Whisper

7. Loud as a Whisper

The Enterprise is sent to rendezvous with a talented ambassador, one who is completely deaf and mute. He speaks through three translators, but when the translators are killed, the ambassador must learn to communicate without them, in order to stop a deadly civil war. This was a really awesome episode, and like Okona, I really enjoyed the character of the ambassador. (Ep. 5 of 22)

6. A Matter of Honor

Riker willingly accepts a temporary transfer to a Klingon Bird of Prey, as part of a Federation promoted officer exchange program. However, when an organism threatens both the Klingons and the Enterprise, the crew must act for the good of both crews. This episode was very insightful into the Klingon culture. Plus, there were some cool action scenes too. (Ep. 8 of 22)

5. Where Silence Has Lease

The Enterprise encounters a hole in space, a spot that is completely blank. When they move in closer to investigate, they find that they are trapped inside the void, and can’t get out. This was one of the awesome, mind bending episodes, and I found myself really engaged while watching it. (Ep. 2 of 22)

Comfy Chairs (S2 Peak Performance)
Riker and Worf on the opposing ship, preparing to fight against the Enterprise

4. Peak Performance

The Enterprise participates in a simulated battle exercise, pitting Picard against Riker. Yet both Picard and Riker are caught off guard when the Ferengi enter the area. This was an interesting episode, considering Riker had to rebuild his ship, practically from scratch. (Ep. 21 of 22)

3. Shades of Gray

On an away mission, Riker gets stabbed in the leg by a mysterious plant, and is soon in a coma in the sick bay. The organisms in his leg will travel through his body, until they reach his brain, killing him. The only treatment will force Riker to relive memories of building intensity. This was a pretty great finale, and most of the episode was pretty much a montage of seasons 1 and 2, through Riker’s eyes. (Ep. 22 of 22)

Borg Cube Interior (S2 Q Who)
The interior of the Borg Cube

2. Q Who?

The mysterious Q returns, and sends the Enterprise flying across the galaxy in a fit of rage, where the crew must fight for their lives against terrors that they could never have imagined in their worst dreams. Q Who is the first episode with the Borg, a recurring villain throughout the Star Trek franchise. (Ep. 16 of 22)

Data Holmes and Geordi Watson (S2 Elementary, Dear Data)
Data and Geordi, as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson

1. Elementary, Dear Data

Geordi creates a Shelock Holmes mystery for Data to solve on the Holodeck, with Dr. Pulaski stating that Data can’t complete it. However, Data and Geordi must save the ship from a hologram projected Moriarty, when he becomes strong enough to escape the Holodeck. This episode was pretty awesome. It had Data and Geordi, the Holodeck, Sherlock Holmes, clever wordplay, and a pretty awesome Moriarty. Plus, snazzy outfits! I don’t think that there’s much I don’t like about this episode. (Ep. 3 of 22)


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